Vinyl Record Bowls or Wall Art




What you'll need:       A bowl, a heat resistant glove, a hair drier and a record of your choice.  Something you like....., something you hate......, perhaps that song that someone keeps playing over and over again and you want some sort of revenge???

Anyhow make sure the gloves are good, the hair drier a good quality otherwise it takes too long and you can lose interest rather quickly.

Step 1: Try to Find the Center

Now you can choose another type of bowl I just prefer this one since I won't get in trouble for using one of the good bowls plus glass doesn't absorbe the heat; I figure metal would work as well.

Find the center and mark it with something you can see through the center hole of the record. 

Step 2: Choose Your Music

FInd your record and place it on its mark.

Step 3: Choose Your Weapon

I like this hairdrier since it's the only one I have left; make sure it's a good one otherwise it'll burn out on you or worse not get hot enough.

Make sure you have very good gloves; the red one you saw in the first step wasn't as heat resistant as I liked :(

Step 4: Motioning for a Change

Move the nozzle around a little to evenly heat the area you are working on; again the thinner the record the better otherwise it'll take a while.  This one took about seventeen to eighteen minutes but I'm picky about how the edges look when finished.

It'll start to look like that record you left outside once and found at the end of your yardsale answering your questions as to why no one bought it.

Step 5: It's Alive...., Almost

Place a you hand and spread your fingers over the area you wish to mold into your first side....., again getting good heat resitant gloves is crucial and will save you a lot of repenting later for your word use.

Begin to apply pressure as the record becomes softer but gently otherwise you'll end up with a pile of pieces that might make for a good project later or just a headache and a full garbage can....

Also a good idea to buy cheap wherever you can.

As you can see in the second picture the edge starts to form as you put pressure and bring your spread fingers together; move your hair drier away and hold until it holds then move onto another edge and repeat until you have about six or seven folds.

Step 6: Hopefully It Works Out

In the end you'll have a dish or two that you can sell at your novelty shop, use for holloween candy dishes, party dishes and or more....

I once I can find somewhere that I can order it I will try to get some resin to fill in the middle to preserve the label, plug the hole and perhaps make something you can put chip dip in....., or all of the pieces of the other records you broke trying to make this.

I know this is short and sweet but there it is; another fun way to try this is with a camera tri-pod or a bowl, bucket or other item you can leave outside on a hot day.  I add a litle wieght to the middle like rocks or a clean chain; I'll keep experimenting and see how they turn out using just the sun to melt them.

Have fun and come up with your own different methode for melting and making your own bowls, wall art perhaps or like the one in the back of the last pictures making a plastic shelf out of the thicker records by melting it in half......, remember......, good gloves......

Last pictures are the last two I left outside; the tan label in a metal bucket the blue label in a glass dish open end up.   This is one day of being out in the sun...., maybe more will make them more interesting??  Or they'll just melt into a puddle of slime and be worthless :(

On another note you can get some really creepy looking labels and hang these on the walls around your decorations this year..., just a thought



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    6 years ago on Step 6

    And you know it they break they're cheap to replace.....


    6 years ago on Step 5

    (Correction: Place your hand) Remember kids never post in a hurry :(