Vinyl Record Ring!

Introduction: Vinyl Record Ring!

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need:
- a lighter
- vinyl record shard
- vise
- ring mandrel

Step 2: Cutting the Band

First, I secured my record shard in a vise. Records are a little brittle, so be careful not to clench it too tight. I used an angle grinder to cut off my piece which included an edge. The dust that results from this might be hazardous to breathe, so be careful. I used some fine sand paper to smooth out the rough edge.

Step 3: Initial Shaping

Put the band in the vise, and hold a lighter close, but not touching the plastic. NEVER GET THE PLASTIC SO HOT IT SMOKES. When you have held it like this for a couple seconds it becomes moveable. Give it the curve you want and hold until cooled. The plastic can be hot, don't burn yourself.

Step 4: Final Forming

I did not have a mandrel, but I suggest you use one. Find your size, get the plastic hot, and form it around the mandrel. I did an overlapping pattern, but you can do anything you want. WARNING: if you try to form the ring too quickly without it being hot enough, it might crack.

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