Vinyl Wallet (Duct Tape Wallet Redux)




I was too cheap to go buy some good duct tape and realized I could make a duct tape wallet from my sign vinyl scraps, and I have way more color choices.

Step 1: Materials

I'm a signmaker in So. Oregon and as a result have many scraps of different kinds of materials at my disposal
I had been wanting to try a duct tape wallet for some time but was too cheap to pay $4 to $5 bucks a roll (not too mention the time to track down colors) to make 1 wallet. I was doing up some banners for a customer today and the light went on I could use my vinyl scraps to build a wallet.

Pictured is a sampling of colors available in the vinyl plus there are many specialty vinyls such as metallics, wood grains, and diamond plate.

Step 2: Make Your Vinyl Sheets

Jackie (my daughter) and I cut the vinyl into oversize sheets and attached them adhesive to adhesive using Rapid Tac to get a smoother sheet than if we had tried it dry. Here she has the larger sheet for the bills already made and she's making a smaller pcket for cards.

Step 3: More Pockets

Here Jackie is cutting a second card pocket with a dollar bill and albertsons preffered customer card for reference.

Step 4: Window for I.D. Pocket

We used packaging tape for the I.D. window, again using Rapid Tac to get a smooth clear window

Step 5: Put It All Together

Here we're getting ready to assemble the wallet

Step 6: Finished

Jackie doesnt have her creative license yet so she's using my drivers license to show off the window pocket

Due to the vinyl being much thinner than duct tape (7 to 9 mils) you may want to use some card stock between the sheets of vinyl or just use more layers.

To get your own vinyl got to your local sign maker and ask for their scraps that still have backing paper



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    Reply 12 years ago

    well a lot of "hobos" make more in a day than I do and they dont pay rent or other bills so they have more disposable income than I do with 5 kids. I do have duct tape but its the cheap gooey stuff, and I wanted colors


    I feel your pain. my cousin is homeless, jobless, freezing, and dying of pneumonia and he has an income of $200 more than i do in a month. (of course, his dealings are legal(wink wink) and i work for a bike and car repair shop for $5 an hour(unofficially, it's my uncle's shop)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Plus using what you have is way more creative, not to mention frugal and a great way to use things that might otherwise be thrown away.


    12 years ago on Step 1

    Where does a non-sign maker find stick-on vinyl rolls like that if there is not a local sign maker to get scraps from?

    1 reply

    12 years ago on Introduction

    Great wallet. I made a similar small, compact wallet out of credit/gift card sleeves. These types of wallets are the greatest!! Mine worked really well. Great instructable. I am also from Oregon, and I LOVE Costco!! Thanks for the great instructable. Check my slightly different design out...
    Tyvek card holder wallet


    12 years ago

    Dang it, this is a great idea. I was looking around for a really slim, streamline wallet and didn't even think to make one. Totally functional and thin as hell.. just what I'm looking for. Thanks you two!


    12 years ago

    Oregon baby! YES!