Vinyl Wall Clock



Introduction: Vinyl Wall Clock

There are plenty of vinyl plates of no use now. It can be converted to a nice, stylish wall clock. A clockwork can be found in the hobby shop or on eBay.

Step 1: Print Out a Picture.

Find a picture you like to convert to the clock’s face. A size of it should be a little bit less than a vinyl disk. I have used just a plain glue stick. This side is a reverse side of a clock. So be sure that all writings and pictures should be in a proper position when the clock on the wall.
To protect the other side from scratches, fix a paper sheet. Just be sure that glue is outside of the drawing.
I have used a piece of stearin candle to draw over the contour. It will serve as a lubricant when sawing out the clock.

Step 2: Cut Out and Finish Edges.

I have used a hand fret saw to saw it out. Please, be careful because it is very easy can be broken and scratched. An eye of the bird was drilled out. To finish and smooth edges I have used files, sandpaper and at the last step a wooden stick to polish the vinyl.
A clockwork can be bought in a hobby shop, or took out from a cheap Chines clock.
When making this manual, I did not have a mechanism. Therefore I show other watches I’ve made for my friends.

Step 3: Set in a Clockwork and Put on the Wall.

A simple picture with a clear lines give a good effect.

As a giftbox box for such watch is very convenient to use a pizza box. You can glue the envelope from the vinyl plate as a cover.

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