Virtual Pinball



Introduction: Virtual Pinball


1 1/2 inch Screws (22)

3/4 inch (Thick) 8 x 4 MDF

T.V. 43 inch

Computer (Specs on the one I used : Intel Core i5-6400 Cpu 2.70 Ghz, 8 Gb Ram, 64-bit, windows 10)

Smaller T.V (The one I used was a 18 inch)

Wire Connectors

1 I-Pac (By Ultimarc)

5 Buttons

1 Launch Ball Button


2 x 4 (8 feet long)


Soldering iron

Wire Strippers

Drill (Plus 1 1/8 inch hole bit)

Skill Saw (ect.)



Visual Pinball X

Step 1: The Frame

Use The Diagram above to cut the MDF into Three pieces, and the 2 X 4 into Three pieces. Then use Six Screws to connect the the two 46 Inch pieces of wood Together, using the 24 1/2 piece of woodNext get a pencil and lay the Large T.V. in between the two 46 inch pieces. Hold up the T.V to the height you wish it to be at and mark it with the pencil on the wood.Now grab one of the long pieces of 2 X 4 and use Five Screws to screw it into place just under the line, Do the same to the other piece of 46 Inch the Large T.V. on top of the 2 X 4's they should hold it in place. Next Get the smaller T.V keep The stand on this one, get two pieces of 24 1/4 by 3 - 4 inches of wood (MDF)Use them to Pin the Small T.V. in place directly above the Large T.V.. This will also add support. Now drill 1 1/8 inch holes on the sides (to control the flippers) and 4 in the front piece of wood (to control launch/enter, player one, Quarters, and exit)

Step 2: Setting the I-Pac and Buttons

Use the Wire Strippers to Strip the ends off of 7 one foot wires

Next use the Soldering Iron to connect one end of a piece of wire to every buttons ground "prong". use connectors to connect all of the other ends of the wire together plus one end of the seventh wire. Then use a Screwdriver to screw in the other end of the seventh wire to the I-pac's GND "slot" (If your using a I-Pac 2,3,4 instead of a 1 make sure that all buttons are wired under one player).Now Strip the ends off of 6 More pieces of one foot wire and Use the Soldering Iron to connect one end of each wire to one of the micro switches "prong". Then connect the other end of each of the Wires to the I-Pac's 1-6 button slots. Now Screw the buttons into the 1 1/8 Inch wood slots you drilled earlier and plug in the I-Pac's usb into your computer. Install the WinIPAC version 2 software and customize your buttons 1-6 to the shift keys (left and right), Enter (launch and select), and 1 (start / player one), and 3 (for quarters). Once This is done your Buttons are installed and will(/should) work

Step 3: Installing Visual Pinball and PinballX/ Software

Go to VPForums and click on getting started, and then VP Installer. Download and install the Installer and configure it to your pc. Next install PinballX to do this go to the PinballX website and scroll down and click on download PinballX here you will need to create an Account before downloading so do so, Then download the installer and configure it to Visual Pinball and your PC/T.V. setup (Make sure you set the VP executable to vp9 Not VPX)Once done install VP9 tables,Roms, and media packs and play

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