Visual Basics Virtual Work Environment/ Operating System

Intro: Visual Basics Virtual Work Environment/ Operating System

This is an entry for the Make-to-Learn Youth Contest and there are some question I will answer.

What did you make: I made a virtual operating system or work environment using Visual Basics
How did you make it: Well that's what the instructable is for.
Where did you make it: At home on a Windows computer.
What did you learn: When I started this project I didn't now anything about Visual Basics. After it, and it is still going on new things are still being added, I learned how to use and code in Visual Basics. Soon I hope to take it on to a fully bootable operating system.
This is a basic explanation on how to make a Visual Basics Virtual Work Environment. All step will not be explained, some parts are options. 

Step 1: Materials

The first thing to do is to get prepared.

The only things you need are:
-a Windows computer
-Any version of Microsoft Visual Basics*

*Any version ca be used, I use 2010 Express. Both 2008 and 2010 express are fine, but if you want to use the most updated version you can get 2012. Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 is currently a paid program so I suggest using 2010 express or if you already own it use 2012.

Step 2: Login Window

The Login window is the easiest part. All you need is to create a new window, about 400px by 400px. Now you can make it look like any way you want it to, but you need a Username box, Password box, Login button, and a Cancel button. In 2010 there is a sidebar on the left that has all items.

Basically you tell the login button that if Username = (insert username) and Password = (insert password) then show desktop* and close login. If the username and password are wrong then it shows a error message and the cancel button closes the window. If you have knowledge of Visual Basic then try to figure it out. I didn't so I had to look up some tutorials and some information about VB. If you don't either then you can use this code.

        If TextBox1.Text = "User" And TextBox2.Text = "admin" Then
            MsgBox("Invalid Username Or Password")
        End If

insert this into button one's box
into button two's box

Step 3: Desktop

Now you need to create a desktop window. Now this is based on opinion. So basically create a new window called Desktop to link up with the login window.

Everything beyond here can not be explained so I suggest that you learn more about Visual Basics and add on to your Virtual Operating System/Work Environment.

Some things you can add are buttons linked to things like text editors, internet browsers.  

Step 4:



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    cool! I too started learning VB the same way! Best of luck!