Visual Music (With Lasers!)




Introduction: Visual Music (With Lasers!)

Have you ever wondered how a deaf person enjoys music? Well, they can't, since you need to hear music and most people know that deaf people can't hear. Anyways, I have created a way to "watch" music by bouncing a laser off a mirror that vibrates when music is played close to it, creating a dazzling laser show. I know there have been some Instructables like this one but I made mine differently and I did not steal their idea. I hope you enjoy this Instructable and vote for me in the art of sound contest :)

REMEMBER: Lasers were not made to shoot yourself (or anyone else!) in the eye with. It is dangerous and please do not attempt it.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

For this Instructable, you will need:

1-2 latex gloves
2 small rubber bands
1-2 old CDs
2 lasers
1-2 wire clothes hangers
Source of music (Mp3 player, computer)
Speakers (Not Shown)
2 jar lids

You will also need these tools:

Hot glue gun
Wire cutters (Not shown)
Needle-nose pliers
Tape (Optional)

Step 2: Cut, Attach, and Cut Again

First, you must cut a large piece out of one of your latex gloves. It should be big enough to fit over one of the jar lids. Then do it again. On this step, I try to avoid using the finger of the glove, as they don't work so well.

Next, lay the latex glove cut-out over the top of your jar lid and attach it to the lid by wrapping the rubber band around it. Now pull on the edges of the cut-out so the open face is taught. Now do it on the other one.

To make it look nicer, cut the edges off the cut-out so they look even all around.

Step 3: Cut, Cut, Glue

Cut your CD(s) into two small squares. Do it carefully, making sure to not create too many cracks in it. You made need to practice it a few times because it can get tricky. The size of your piece doesn't really matter, but smaller pieces will vibrate more causing a larger show and larger ones will vibrate less creating a smaller, more condensed show. They both do work however.

Now, simply put a little glue on the back of the CD piece and place it in the center of your taught latex glove surface.

Step 4: Tape/glue, Cut, Bend, and Glue Again

Now, we must put it all together! Tape or glue your mirror vibrators to the speakers. Cut out two equal lengths of clothes hanger wire. Bend them into a holder for your lasers and glue on the laser. For mine, I just bent the wire at a 90 degree angle at the top, rounded it out and glued the laser in.

Now you have to attach the laser holder to the speaker. My speaker had just the perfect area to glue it on but you could also just bend the wire to form a stand that stand on its own.

Adjust your stand so it bounces of the CD to the desired surface and you are ready to go.
(Sorry I did not include so many pictures for this step, I thought they were pretty self-explanatory)

Step 5: Play Your Music!

Now that we are done, we can enjoy watching our music. Make sure everything is glued or taped down good enough so it won't bounce around, turn up your volume to full force, and hit play. It worked pretty good with mine, you can see the video I included. It is boom boom pow by the Black-eyed peas, the clean version. (I didn't know if I could post the explicit on Instructables) I know you only see one speaker and laser going but my other laser is not working right. Two lasers works a lot better though because you get a larger show. If you don't want to just have the same show twice and want one laser to be projecting something different than the other, make one CD cut-out larger than the other. The vibrate in different ways, creating a cooler show. Different colored lasers also would make it look cool but green, blue, and other colored lasers can be costly. Thank you for reading my Instructable, I hope you enjoyed it!

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