About: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Step 1: Using Plotly

Plotly was the base for my simple graph, in reality it is used for more complex graphs.

Perhaps in my next instructable, I shall make one. 

I entered the data required into the data grid, and used their easy method, to create my own graph, and poof! Graph is ready.                 It most certainly beats sitting and drawing!

Find plotly at http://www.plot.ly

Step 2: The Graph

Voila, here is the Graph!

I really find it redundant that I give an explanation, as the graph digitalizes what I have to say.

But, let us not digress, and move on to part II.

Step 3: Contest Traffic

Okay, you estimated me. I DO use plotly, but I created this rather bland instructable to enter in the Data Visualization contest. That leads me to part II.

I will display the traffic that various contest obtain, in the form of a Bar graph.

This may actually be utilised! Planning to enter the Pet or Robot contest?

Thank you for reading, and please do vote if you liked my instructable.



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