Vitamin Bottle to Tablet Stand

Introduction: I Wanna See Your Smile!

Now my sister has a tablet holder cover that came with her tablet. Our problem is that when we Skype, we can't get a good angle with it so I can see her face during our 'visits'. Because she's mostly bedbound, she'll set the tablet on her overbed table, and try as we might, we often just get the top of her forehead.
Enter the vitamin bottle!
Yes, that is a vitamin bottle in a cape, super heroes (almost) always wear capes!

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Step 1: Supplies!

Vitamin bottle ~ I used a 375cc vitamin bottle (smaller containers could likely be used for a smaller tablet)
Sharpie ~ not pictured, you know what it looks like
Kitchen shears
Knife, steak knife or utility knife, I ended up using both
For decorating, I used sticky shelf paper, tracing paper, transparent tape, go wild . . .or not

Step 2: Mark & Cut

I used the sharpie to mark where the cuts would be, then used a combination of the sharp implements to cut away
These bottles are made of thick plastic, be careful!
Remember to stop bleeding apply steady pressure, blah, ba blah ba blah
We mostly needed a slight downward facing angle, I added the straight up and down cut because I could

Step 3: How It Works

My sister lives far away and she and her tablet are unavailable for photos, so I used a Dr. Suess book to stand in for her tablet as it has roughly the same dimensions, 7"x9"x1/2".
Can be used portrait or landscape, downward facing or tilted back
The book/tablet tended to lean to one side, so I used the cap from the vitamin bottle to level the 'screen'

Step 4: Result!

The forward tilt will allow me to have a better view of my lovely sister during our skype chats, while she can lean back and relax!
*As noted before, I'm doing this project long distance, so I acted as my sister's 'stand in', in the photo.
I scooted way down in my chair to mimic a lying down posture and had dining table top substitute for her adjustable height, overbed table.

Step 5: Decorate! and Done!

Not strictly necessary, but hey, why not?
I traced the vitamin label, then transferred this to the shelf paper
After sticking the paper to the bottle, I cut the paper blocking the tablet holding slots off with a utility knife
I used the transparent tape to make sure the edges were stuck down
Ta Dah! Now to find a mailing envelope!

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    3 years ago

    I love your ingenuity! Irritating problems become beautiful opportunities for simple, effective remedies! Good for you!