Viviarum Fauna Plant Tank




A easy project that takes time but worth the wait. A fauna tank which is a plant tank with plants , fish and different kinds of frogs and toads.

Step 1: Learn About the Plants and Animals

Learn about the different plants and animals that are just right for your tank.

Step 2: Materials

For your plant tank you'll need these items.

Rocks not the gravel rocks but big rock the ones I use were mostly zebra rock and red stone.

Filter that is submergible In the water the filter I used is a Tetrafauna decorative reptofilter.

Chemicals that are need for your tank are
Tap water conditioner

Plants you can use many different kinds of plants the plants I use are bamboo, wisteria ,
Banana plant, onions, sagittaria chilensis,
anacharis wild, duck weed, wisteria ,and some fake plants .

Lamp or a plant light to grow your plants

Tank a 10-20 gal would work best

Gravel about 5 lb bags

1" Python mini Gravel siphon

Fish you can just get guppies in my tank i have algae eating fish , catfish, crabs even know they are not fish and also I have snails to clean up , and a bumble bee goby.

Amphibians- frogs

Food bowl for the frogs

And fish food

Step 3: Putting It Together

Place rocks in the tank were you want and lay out the gravel and put the filter in the tank and let it run for a day. Sure to leave a land area for the frogs.

Step 4: Adding the Plants

Add your plants and other decorations and let it run for day before adding any fish

Step 5: Add the Fish

Add your fish let them sit in the water for 15min

Step 6: Adding Amphibians

Add your amphibians.

Step 7: Maintain

Make sure to replace the carbon filter cartridge
every two weeks and siphon the water every month and make sure to feed your pets.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice Planted Tank you have there :) I own an aquarium too but never used carbon filter. I think its more important to have the right animals to procced the aquarium cleaning and change 20% of the water each week :)