How to Draw 'Vocaloid' (Pleated) Skirt




Introduction: How to Draw 'Vocaloid' (Pleated) Skirt

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So...  Want to learn how to make the skirt shown above?  Then follow this tutorial.  It's REALLY simple and is suitable for all ages...  Well, if you can hold a pencil or pen, then yes.  It's kind of vocaloid inspired...  

Approx. Time: 30 secs-3 mins.  (It really depends on your speed and effort.)

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The character is also copyrighted by someone else.  Find that person in the description box given in the link above.  

Hope you have fun!  I'd love to see your drawings!

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Step 1: Leg Outline

I know, it's really ugly.  But this isn't the point in this tutorial.  So, I assume most of you here know the laws of physics and gravity and all those science laws.  Well, you're going to need to know it for this tutorial.  I drew the legs in a jumping position.  No...  Don't look at her butt...  The leg outline is just to guide you so that you don't draw the skirt too tiny or too huge.  The middle line isn't necessary but if you want a more accurate outline to provide you the character's direction, go ahead and draw it.  

Step 2: Adding the 'Floating' Skirt

At the front part of your character's direction, draw an ordinary flap.  Slowly work your way backwards from both sides.  Draw a curve and a line leading to the waist.  Make sure it's not too sharp.  

Now look at the arrows I drew.  If you look closely, you can see that the flap next to the one that's too sharp is connected to the waist completely.  This usually means that the skirt ends here.  However, to add more perspective into it, draw flaps behind it.  make sure they're GRADUALLY getting smaller.  

Now you're probably wondering why you should draw skirts that are shaped like flowers.  As I mentioned before, we need the the laws of physics.  When jumping, I highly doubt your skirt would stay down...  Unless you're wearing a pencil skirt, that's a different story.  As gravity pushes you down, an upward force would also be applied to you causing the skirt to 'float'.  Yes, I sound nerdy right now but please bear with me.  Always keep the rule of gravity in your head when drawing.  Whether it's short skirts, long skirts or baggy pants, this rule will always apply to clothing.  

So...  What do you think of this tutorial?  I would love to see your drawings!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    O.o Feel so stupid right now. Never really thought about the name and type of skirt. Too into the Vocaloid craze right now... XP I'll change it now! And thanks for pointing it out!


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    Yea still really good skirt! better than mine...
    (outside im blushing)