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Voice controlled Home Automation using Arduino: In this project, iam using a voice function to control home devices. This project is the part of my Home Automation series. This project is very easy to use in real life. People of any age can control it by just speaking the commands.. This Arduino based project has a larger range than IR and PC-based ones. Before making this project, you should know how to interface HC 05 Bluetooth module with Arduino and should also know about Arduino programming basics.

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Step 1: ​Components Required

Components Required for voice controlled home automation system using Arduino

Arduino Uno: We use Arduino due to its simplicity and it also provides the much digital pin to interface with LCD, Bluetooth module, and relay module at the same time.HC-05 Bluetooth Module: HC-05 is used to communicate with the mobile phone.4 Channel Relay Modules: The module we use in this project is HL-54S. It switches on and off using a 5v logical signal from Arduino. It can bear up to 250VAC and 10A. These modules have 4 channels so we can control 4 AC devices at a time.16×2 LCD: LCD is used to display project name, a list of commands which can be entered then it asks to give any command and show the status of the command which is entered. We use 16×2 LCD because it is easy to interface with Arduino and very cheap in price. 10k potentiometer is used to control the contrast of displayAC bulbs with holders: AC bulbs are used to represent appliances. Because it is easy to handle and very useful when you are prototyping any AC project.

.External 5 Volt supply: 5-volt dc supply is required to switch a relay on and off.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram of Voice Controlled Home Automation System Using Arduino


Bluetooth Module HC-05 HC-05 Rx to Arduino Tx.HC-05 Tx to Arduino Rx.Vcc to 5vGround to ground.16×2 LCD: VSS to ground.VDD to supply voltage.VO to adjust pin of 10k potentiometer.RS to Pin 8.RW to ground.Enable to Pin 9.LCD D4 to Pin 10.LCD D5 to Pin 11.LCD D6 to Pin 12.LCD D7 to Pin 13.Ground one end of a potentiometer.5v to another end of the potentiometer.4 Channel Relay modules: External 5 volt to JD VCC.Ground to ground.Ini1 to Pin 3.Ini2 to Pin 4.Ini3 to Pin5.Vcc to Arduino 5v.Connect one terminal of all bulbs to normally open terminal of relays.One end of 220VAC to all common terminals of the relay and another end with another terminal of bulbs.

Step 3: ​Working Of voice Controlled Home Automation System

We speak the predefined commands to AMR_Voice application. The application sends the command to Bluetooth which is then received by Arduino and perform the described task. At the same time, Arduino displays the status on LCD and write on the serial monitor. Each command has its unique operations which are defined in code. You can change the commands according to your ease. Below is the list of commands.

Following video shows how i used android app which converts our voice into a speech signal and sends this signal to Arduino through Bluetooth module. This is a very easy to use with Arduino and this project can be made with little be an effort

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