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Hi every one,

In this tutorial i'm gonna show you on how you can wake your pc from sleep. This is a very useful practice in some occasions where you just left your pc on sleep mode while you leave for lunch and had to go back and have your computer ready for you so you don't have to wait for it to turn on.

All you have to do is open your phone and wake your PC from it and when you arrive at your PC, its On and ready to use. :D

note that this only works if your PC is connected via ethernet cable.

Seems awsesome, Lets get started.....

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Step 1: Knowing Your PC IP and Mac Address

So the first thing is to know your PC's Mac address and IP so that other devices can communicate to your PC.

so open up command promt, just go to start then search for command promt and launch it. Once you have it open, type in "ipconfig /all" (first picture) and afterwards "ipconfig" (second picture) then look for your PC mac address and IP. Write them down on a piece of paper because we will need them to be typed in to your phone.

Step 2: Setting Up Wake on Lan

Now that you have known your PC Mac address and IP, you want to enable 'Wake On Lan" on your PC.What this does is it lets another device sends a packet that will signal the computer to wake up from sleep.

Follow my step by step picture guide above.....

Go to Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Network Adapters, then right click your network adapter you are currently using, go to Properties -> Advanced -> scroll down till you see "Wake on magic packet" then select "enable". then click ok and you are all set.

simple right :D

Step 3: Some Other Things to Set in Your Phone

There all lots of ways on how you can wake your PC from your phone, there are apps that will alow you to do this, you can just open up your application store in your phone and type in "wake on lan" then alot of apps will show up that you can download and use it to wake your PC from sleep, all you have to do is inserting your PC Mac address and IP that you have just see in the previous step.

But that is not im gonna show you in this tutorial, instead i will teach you on how you can talk to your phone to turn your PC which is way cooler and more convinient. Its up to you if you just wanna open an app and click a button to turn your PC or, Talk to your phone to turn it on.

If you want to talk to your phone to turn it on, you will need to go on to the next step..>>>>>

Step 4: Automate Commands

Now its time to teach your phone how to send the "magic packet" to your computer to wake up, like what i've mentioned before.

Now, go to your app store and search for "Automate", its a free app that alows you to automate various things on your phone. The app should look like the picture above...

after you downloaded the app, open it, and do exactly like what i've shown on the video above...

if you are done click the check button, and run the script :D

Step 5: Finishing Up

open up the google app and say "okay google" then say "computer on" and it will wake up.

make sure you have the google mobile app

thank you guys for following up and i hope you made successfully and have it running...


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    Thadeo Arloweatherjack

    Reply 1 year ago

    lol yea, but the app automate have a very good documentation in its own website


    by the way, there are alot of apps that works similarly to this one, they can be easily found on play store