Voice Controlled Drone




Introduction: Voice Controlled Drone

About: hey, this is Neel. and i like to play with electronics to make world better place.

this is voice controlled drone. It is quadcopter and it has X configuration.Its work very nicely via your phone.It has 6 basic function. i named it project AGILITY.

1. fly low

2. fly high

3. left

4. right



Step 1: Components

there are few components required for the this drone project AGILITY

1. arduino pro mini

2. bluetooth module

3. micro motors*4 3.7v


5. 3.7v battery

6. sketch pen caps*4

Step 2: Wire Connection

As you see in circuit image motor are connected.

motor 1 --> pin 3 pwm

motor 2 --> pin 6 pwm

motor 3 --> pin 9 pwm

motor 4 -- > pin 10 pwm

Bluetooth module to arduino






bluetooth module is not available in software so i didnt add it to the circuit pic but connection is shown above in description

Step 3: Coding

In this project to controlled the speed of motor i have used the ANALOGWRITE to we have to used the PWM pin for


I have uploaded the code for this project AGILITY.

in code there are value at ANALOGWRITE function you have to change it by the stability of drone for each motor

in direction you can change the value for faster response but it has no gyroscope so use the given value.

check out my video for this project AGILITY:

Step 4: FRAME

i have used the the sketch pen caps and use battery as directly as main frame part. i have joint the pen caps to battery to make the arms for motors.



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    20 Discussions

    sir how did u connect arduino to bluetooth module and what is the range of it,and which mobile app u used to send commads

    This is micro drone project. You have to increase drone scale then yes u can .but micro drone is more suitable for voice control

    sure tell me when earths gravity lowers enough for you to take off

    which androied app control drone?

    hi there its cool thats working bosssssssssssssssssssssss

    There are many smart phone out there it doesnt mean that one company has copy the phone from other company like this its my project,made by me ,design by me, improved by me so its 100% genuine .

    no offence but i consider this to closely related to another project,but the large battery is a new development


    2 years ago

    Very good project! Did you already add the transistors to it?

    1 reply

    Control four motors without the driver? You're so risky, man. Why not to use four NPN transistors for removing heavy load from the controller? And, with transistors your drone will fly faster and higher.

    1 reply

    Sure it will but micro motor propellers are not available here.

    Thank you
    There is another project by me check it out and many projects are coming soon.✌