Introduction: Volcano!

Hello! I am a stay at home parent with a student who does online school. I am not a teacher but am her learning coach. The online instructor does hands on science projects at times with the students. This particular project, I did on my own with my children. This is a classic volcano project but what's so cool about it, there are many creative ways you can form it. I recommend this project for K-4 students. We may have overdid the vinegar a little bit lol but my kids sure had fun! I have also included a short video. After we made the volcano, we discussed facts about them and I have included the link to the site we used. We talked about volcanoes before making our creation erupt!

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Step 1: Materials and Ingredients

Playdough, here is a recipe: instructables.com/id/Easy-Playdough/ just double the recipe so you have enough. I did not have lemon juice so I substituted it with vinegar.
1 Cup White vinegar
4 tbsp Baking Soda
Yellow and orange food coloring
1 tsp Dish soap
Brown Tempera paint
Paint brush
Cereal bowl
Extra small dip size dish
Dinosaurs or other toys
Cookie sheet

Step 2: Form the Volcano

Place the cereal bowl upside down. Working from the base, cover it in playdough, leaving the top open. Place the small dish on top and finish forming the volcano using the playdough. You do not have to be perfect!

Step 3: Paint and Decorate

Using the tempera paint and brush, cover the volcano and the base of the cookie sheet. Then place the toys on and around the volcano.

Step 4: Measure Ingredients and Discuss Volcano Facts

Put inside the dish on top: 4 tbsp baking soda, 1 teaspoon dish soap, and a few drops each of red and yellow food coloring. After measuring the ingredients, talk about volcanoes and show pictures. Here is the site we used: universe today.com/10-interesting-facts-about-volcanoes/

Step 5: Conclusion

Slowly add 1 Cup of vinegar and watch the volcano erupt!

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    1 year ago

    Really fun to kids!!


    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes definitely! I remember doing this with paper mache years ago...many years ago lol and what a blast for sure!


    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing this fun science activity! I love the excitement students have when they get to experience chemical reactions like this. :D


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you! That was the best part of the project lol my four year old was so amazed!