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The Fluke volt stick 1AC-E II has a been a part of my every day carry for the last few years. Its reliable, easy to replace batteries and if need be the device is available at many shops. Its also easy to carry and has only simple modes; ON, OFF or SILENT.

I did however look into their other models, they have some with torches and some for keyrings but I always ended up back with this one.

I eventually as with everything I own decide to mod this device. I would never interfere with the working side as I use it to test all the time but I did want to chance the LED. Red is the standard and got boring so I decided to get a super bright blue LED and do a little swop! Blue is my favourite after all and why not its an easy mod.

Step 1: Disassembly and Bits!

You can see above all the parts you end up with. But lets begin with what you'll need..
- Side cutters
- Soldering Iron
- Solder
- Super bright blue 3v LED

To begin disassembly remove the cover then the 2 x Aaa batteries.

You then have the inside board visible with the speaker and one end of the battery connections. Now to remove the board (which when installed is on a one way clip, see second image for where this was, its attached to the back of the board).
To remove the only way is a hard pull on the board itself and it will come out with force!
Once removed please note the one way tab will no longer work but doesn't matter it merely keeps the board in does not affect workings.
When taking apart remember to remove the rubber button and keep it safe.

Step 2: Modding

This simple mod requires you to cut out the old LED from the centre holes on the end of the board. Next to this there are 2 more very convenient holes perfect for mounting our new LED. Match up the polarity by testing the LED against the board. Solder and trim the legs. Then all you need to do is move the LED so that it is centred to allow it to slide back into the casing. As per the pictures attached.

Step 3: Voila!

Put all the pieces back in remember the button and you have a completed LED mod with a new blue LED. Keeps me happy and only takes a few minutes! And it makes mine different to everyone else's!!




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