Voltaic Cell From Aluminum Copper and Bleach

Hello Everyone!

Today i am going to show you how to generate electricity at home from Aluminum Copper And Bleach. It is 100% free and free of cost just you need a few components and special type of Cake(to get aluminum). Make this project at home easy you can also use it for school science exhibition or college exhibition or university just watch and Learn how it work.

Step 1: Components You Will Need

*Cake Cover (Waste)

*Bleach (Electrolyte)

*Copper Terminals (Cathode)

*Beaker (---)

Step 2: Method:-

It can be made easily just in a few step

Step 1:-

First take 2,3 or 4 Beakers keep them in straight line just to make it easy.

Step 2:-

Then Keep Aluminum and copper opposite to each other. But remember to remove the cover from Aluminium by Fire.

Step 3:-

Then join the Aluminium of 1st Beaker with Dc Motor and Copper with Aluminium of 2nd Beaker And the copper of Dc Motor with the another Terminal of Dc Motor.

Step 4:-

Then Add Some Bleach Into container and wait for 2 or 3 Second And the Dc Motor Will Start Rotation.

Step 3: Problems:-

If Dc Motor Doesn't Start Rotating, then Check that Aluminium And Copper Do not touch Each Other in it own beaker.

If still Doesn't Work then Check whether You Remove The cover from Aluminium Or Not?

Step 4: Check Video How I Made It



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