Voltmeter Using Arduino

Introduction: Voltmeter Using Arduino

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In this tutorial we will make a voltmeter Using Arduino Uno.This type of voltmeter can be used to measure voltage under 0-5V.

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Step 1: Components Required:

1.Arduino Uno

2.voltage source(less than 5V)


Step 2: Connection:

1.Connect the a Wire at Analog pin A0 in Arduino Uno.

2.Connect the a Wire at ground terminal of Arduino uno.

3.connect the voltage source between analog pin wire and ground wire.make sure about the terminal positive terminal of voltage source will be connect at Analog pin A0 wire and negative terminal of voltage source will be connect at ground terminal of Arduino Uno.

Warning: This type of voltmeter works between 0-5V.

Step 3: Program:

for code click on : Voltmeter Code

Upload the following program in Arduino Uno:

float vol=0;
int input=0;

void setup()



Serial.begin(9600); // starting the Serial Monitor


void loop()


input=analogRead(A0); //analogRead function is used to recive analog data

vol=(input*5.0)/1024.0;//formula using for perform action

Serial.print("voltage is:");



Step 4: Output:

Open the Serial monitor to get Output.

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