Voltmeter Using Arduino

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Tutorial on simplest voltmeter using arduino . this project can be easily be constructed by anyone within 5 minutes

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Step 1: Materials Required

to make this project you will need following components:

1) Arduino board.

2) resistors of known value.

3) breadboard (optional)

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Make circuit diagram as shown in figure .

Step 3: Understanding the Theory

The resistance network used here works as voltage divider . this voltage divider works by converting the input voltage level to the measurable voltage level.

The ratio of these resistances determines the maximum input voltages. more the ratio more is the input voltage under test.

NOTE: Resistances value must be in Mega OHM's so that the current should be minimizes flowing through the circuit of resistance network and arduino.

Step 4: Arduino Code

I made this code by modifying arduino analog read example code.

I had already compiled this code it runs perfectly fine.

and watch my YouTube video embedded in this tutorial and subscribe

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