Voltmeter With LED Scale LM 3914 Circut

Introduction: Voltmeter With LED Scale LM 3914 Circut

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I was working on this for some time, after a long period I decided to share this with you.I used LM 3914, two resistors R1=4 kohm R1=1kohm and two trim potentiometer Rv1=5 kohm and Rv2=5 kohm, ten LED-s (5 green, 5 red).It's nice for car use or for charging station etc.In pictures I used one almost empty car battery and charger to simulate small and high battery voltage.The first three red LED-s are for the voltage of 10,5 V;11V;11,5V, the 5 green LED-s are for volage of 12V;12,5V;13V;13,5V; and last two red are for 14,5V;15V.The lowest voltage is 10V and the higest is 15V, R11 and Rv2 are used for manual calibration.I will post update on this.
I will update the diagram and some other things.
See it in action:

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