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Voltron! Defender of the universe!  Definitely one of my favorite childhood toys.... so this year I decided to go big and try my hand at building a costume and also doing an instructable on it.
First i'd like to give a couple shout outs.... My girlfriend and our kids for putting up w my mess, madness and just plain craziness while I was attempting this. Love you guys soooooo much! They pushed me through this when I didnt think it was possible or if I could do it in time. Thank you, couldnt have done it w/o you.
Friends that pushed me through and came out to support me when I unveiled this thing at the contests.
Incrxtc and dannyeurena for giving me the Idea of building this and some great ideas and knowhow that goes with it.

I learned alot, and am very proud of how this whole thing turned out! I am already in works for my costume for next year.

I havnt seen an instructable on this costume yet, so thats partly why I picked it. I had actually started building soundwave as per Incrxtc, but wanted to push myself a little, and do something different.

Form Feet & Legs.... Form Arms & Body.... and I'll Form the Head!!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeere we go

*Note* Please see all pics as thats where you will find most of the visuals and instruction*

*Note* My camera was stolen on halloween night, so there are quite a few pics i didnt get to post, but I believe what I did have to work with will suffice anyone thats embarks on the journey of an Epic Costume!*

Step 1: Supplies & Workspace

I have some advice for you here... make a space where you can work and wont be in the way of everyone in your home, you WILL be making a huge mess. Dont use your dining table (and dont work on the table cloth your girl just bought to hide the table you ruined!)
Fortunately, I was planning on refinishing the table anyway wink wink! I also recommend if you have children, to put your work away when not working on it ( lets be realistic, if you woke up in the morning and saw this on the table as a 6 year old, you'd play with it too!)
As far as supplies go, you can use just about anything you'd like.
Heres what I used....

Sheet foam (Foamies brand or Creatology foam from Michaels)
Hot glue (I used 150 sticks at least)
Elastic or nylon strapping with buckles
Metal rulers or straight edge of sorts
Measuring tape
Xacto knife
Box cutter
Packing tape (after using this on my dummy parts, I quit using it and went to all glue)
Sharpie (asst colors if you have em)
Spray primer
Spray paint ( asst colors for your job, I use the $1 stuff from Wal Mart)
Plastic white mask
Under Armor or equivilent, long pants and long sleeve shirt. ( I will dye them silver)
Anything else you can think of that you may need or use...
Last but not least..... your Imagination in full force!

Step 2: Your Game Plan

This is an absolute must for projects like these. I spent HOURS looking for the best reference pics I could find. Once you have your ref. pics, and a plan as to where to begin..... you may be on your way to your best Halloween costume ever! Heres a couple of the pics I used while building mine. I also added my own bit of flair to mine just to make it my own, as well as make it appealing to the eyes of those around me.

Step 3: Form Arms & Body!!

I started with the arms and hands first. I began by taking measurements of my shoulder, forearm and hand/wrist. I can give you my measurements, but keep in mind I am 6'1" tall, so these more than likely wont work for you. My shoulder is 12" long, forearm is 9" long and the hands are 8" long. The boxes I used as bases are 4.5" and 5" on each side.
This is where writing down your measurements will save you. It took me almost 20 hrs to make the first arm, and 8 for the second. That just goes to show the difference in coming up with the idea, and making it happen. Also, I recommend that any patterns you make, you keep... It will save you time and hassle in the long run.
Once I got all the base parts made and fit, I was able to start painting and adding the foam details.
For the chest, I made 2 identical parts, and connected them together with shoulder straps, and velcro side flaps. It fits very snug and stays in place excellent. ** Be careful when taking on and off alot, as the velcro will separate the cardboard if your not careful**
I also realized after the fact, but velcroing the wings on wouldve been better than gluing. The wings make it quite difficult to move around without hitting everything with them.

Step 4: Form Feet & Legs!!

For the feet I decided to use coroplast instead of cardboard. It's much stronger, is just as easy to work with as cardboard, and takes paint much better. I figured the feet would take a fair beating, so I waned to do everything I could to make them last.
I started the same as the heads, and worked outward from a box shape base. I am using an old pair of shoes for this as well so I can paint them to match and not see them. These were purchased new from Goodwill for just a few bucks. On the inside of the box shape, I placed the shoe and made a mark where I didnt want the shoe to go past. I then cut and glued a piece inside the box the give it support s well as keeping my foot from going any farther forward than I want for comfort when walking. Also my base measurement for this was 8" long & 4 5/8 square. I then worked out from there... To hold the feet on, I simply used a strap and velcro system that wraps around the back of my shoe.
For the legs, I started with a 7" sq box as the base. Same as the arms, I built all the base I could, and then painted and detailed with colored foam.
I glued elastic straps inside the legs to keep them on and in place, but still gives me pretty good movement.

Step 5: And I'll Form the Head!

I started the head with a base part that I cut a hole in to fit my head. One you have that, you simply build up from there to get the look you want. I measured my motocross helmet for my basic measurements on how I wanted it to fit. I got this done fairly quickly, as I had already built the 4 other heads previously. I would recommend using a strap of some sort to hold it on....I didnt do this and was straightening the head alot. It fit nice and snug with the mask on, but couldve used that little xtra. I also added foam around the head hole for comfort and snug fit.
The mask is just a plain white mask that I painted silver and blue. The mask was like 2$ I believe.
The body suit is under armour that I painted silver w silver dye.

Step 6: Finished Product

I am super stoked on how it turned out! I had a blast wearing it, all the kids loved it, everyone at the bars loved it....I'd definitely call it a win.
I finished this with around 2 hours to spare before debuting it. I calculated about 150 hours total all in the span of around 3 weeks or so.
Another huge thanks to my family and friends for pushing me through to the end!! It was exhausting to say the least!
Hope you enjoy it!! Im already in the works for another epic costume for next year, I wont try to do it that fast this go around, thats for sure!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hello sixsixzero!

    Just wanted to give you credit as one of the inspirations for my Voltron costume this year! Thanks for your instructibles! I wouldn't have been able to make mine without it!
    I have to tweak mine a little bit since it wasn't that easy to move around in during Halloween. All in all though, it was a blast to make.
    Thanks again!

    2 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    You are most welcome. You are the second person who has actually built this costume and givin me credit for helping. I am just super stoked that it was good enough for people to want to try it and be able to succeed in using it. Glad I could be of assistance. Your costume looks great BTW, glad you followed through!!

    c j r p

    1 year ago

    I must meet this costume. U free handed it and its f*****g amazing


    2 years ago

    What a great piece of art!

    How do you keep the pieces for the arms and legs on? I have been examining your pictures and others from the web and I just can't figure it out. Is it just that the holes are snug enough to keep the pieces on when you put your arm/leg through or are they attached somehow?

    Thanks for sharing :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    All of you Voltrons look AMAZING - I know what to do for the next Comic Con or next Halloween :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love what you've done!

    I'm thinking of working with coroplast for a cosplay I'm looking at building due to the fact it's light and pretty durable. The only issues I'm going to have is painting and gluing it.

    Am I right in assuming you just glued the coroplast with the hot glue gun and then covered it in the foam sheets to hide the ridged texture? And this worked fine without any prep work (like sanding down the surface etc)?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I painted mine first before covering it in craft foam. I recommend giving it a quick scuff so the glue can really grip the plastic.


    5 years ago



    5 years ago

    My email address is leowrick@live.com I would love the measurements I don't know how tall you are but I'm 6'1"


    5 years ago

    Do you have patterns for this absolutely amazing costume I'd love to make it I used to idolize this show when I was a kid

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I do not. I freehanded this entire costume. I can, however, give you measurements and answer any questions you may have. I did the same thing for a friend in Ohio, and his turned out really well.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    You Rock Man!!!
    I love Voltron!
    It will be so cool if Voltron would be made into a movie like Transformer...

    Dr. P

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I would SO take my leg off and play with it like a lion! I heart Voltron!

    Very nice, this is the best voltron thing I've seen in a long time, thank you for doing a good series justice.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This might be the coolest thing I've ever seen ever.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks man, that means alot coming from you!!! I am already trying to find a mannaquin btw!