Voltron and Duradame Homemade Costumes

Introduction: Voltron and Duradame Homemade Costumes

Here's a wiring nightmare...97 volt's of buzzing,blinking,flashing, laser shooting fun!.Handmade costume has 20 electronic
gizzmo's.chase light's,strobes,neon bar's.4 sound activated devices.10 different power sources.light-up arm's and leg's
with dance mode (mercury switches).Laser gun game.Custom helmet with spot light,running light's, strobe flash,back-up
beeper,twinkle light and a baloon popping green laser. Oh main unit also has a ciggarette package despencer/retractor
for storing my smokes. It's all hand-made...no real plan...hope it doesn't rain (no fuse's) fun. Duradame's costume was made
from a custom fit...steel clyinder cage.covered in cardboard and painted.The lower (cell) is made from black fabric(so she can
sit down)with iron on lettering applied to fabric with R trade-make included...Topped of with a silver battery cap( top of a licorice
jar)painted to mimick the "battery cap" sweet.enjoy.

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That helmet looks amazing. Do you have build details? Can you name the components you used for each part of the costume?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey...sorry for long wait on reply...The main body started out as a simple wooden box shaped to fit the chest area. I then added a neck strap and waist belt to
    secure to body.Then I added the gizzmo's...there are chase light's,plasma light
    various LED's, 2 sound activated neon light bar's,strobe light,a laser tag game
    receiver,control box for various buzzer sound's with push button's,switches for
    arm and leg light control and dance mode(mercury switches in arm and leg's)
    Unit run's on various power supplied from 2 6volt lantern batteries.one tapped
    at 6 volt and the other at 12 volt depending on need. The helmet has strobe,running light's (red and green) , anntena feeler lights,reflector's, back-up
    buzzer.twinkle light,LED spot swivel light's, a LED spot light and acouple of electronic item's that do nothing at all, topped off with a baloon popping green
    side mount laser.All controled from swiched located on left and right cuff area
    on arm's. oh and the rotating becon(diso ball) on top of helmet. Arms ,legs and
    helmet plug into main body so it's easy on and easy off (about 2 min.) Also
    carry laser gun (for people to inter-act and shoot me) then I shoot back with
    can of silly string stored on main body. I also have the cigg despenser made from a modified kid's toy with wheels and a cage to push out or retract pack
    of cigg's....and a pair of bleck shoes painted with silver strippes and VT(voltron)
    logo. It's really very simple electronic's thrown in a blender. Too much fun on a dark night walking down the street or strolling into the bar! All controled by
    a key swich on main body. Well that's about it...too much fun.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank's... I have too much fun wearing it for a guy my age....LOL. have a good one!