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Introduction: Volume Skirt ;)

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I love making this skirt and have made at least 4 of these in various length and fabric (from cotton to brocade to songket). It really is quite simple - no pattern required - but it does involve stitching zippers (all you need is a steady hand, and some confidence haha!).

Good luck!! ^_^

Step 1: What You Need

(1) Fabric (1 metre) - I'm making a knee-length skirt and I am 5'0" - probably a mini skirt if you are taller! :p

(2) Interfacing - this is an iron-on stiffener for the waist.

(3) Skirt fasteners - hook and bar type.

(4) Sewing tools - Thread, scissors, measuring tape, pins, needles etc.

(5) Sewing machine ;).

(6) Zipper!!! - not in picture because I forgot (-_-).

Step 2: Cutting the Fabric


I always cut the fabric for the waist first!

Interfacing: This normally comes readymade in 1 inch width, but you can always buy and cut a bigger band if you want. Just measure your waist and add 1 inch for the fasteners.

Fabric: Fold in two and add half inch either side for the fabric to allow for the seams.

e.g. If your waist is 28 inches, then:

- The interfacing will be (28+1 inches) length x 1 inch in width i.e. 29 inches x 1 inch.

- The fabric will be (28+1+0.5+0.5 inches) length x ((1x2)+0.5+0.5)) width = 30 inches x 3 inches.


I just fold the leftover fabric into two and cut into two pieces.

Then I fold one of the halves into two and cut again into two pieces.

So now I have 1 big piece for the skirt's front and 2 smaller pieces for the back. See picture!

I like a bit of an A-line for my skirt, so i cut about 4 inches in - at the waist; both sides. Minimal wastage. See picture!

Then overlock stitch for all the edges EXCEPT the waist :).

Step 3: The Zipper!

Take the two smaller pieces of fabric and align any patterns carefully so that they match and they are facing on the right side. This is critical especially of you have stripey fabric like mine hahaa. If this is your first time trying, just use solid colors or random patterns! Less stress, honestly :D.

Sorry... I guess it doesn't help that my table cloth is also stripey! >_<

I use the standard 8" zipper, so I marked the drop on the fabric, hand stitch where the zipper is going to go, and machine stitch the rest to form the back of the skirt. See picture!

Tip: I always iron the seams flat before stitching the zipper so I have nice and neat and flat openings for the zipper.

Lastly, I pin and machine stitch the back and the front piece of the skirt together.

Step 4: The Waist!

Hand stitch the top of the skirt with thread at least two inches longer than your waist measurement (see Step 2). E.g. If you measured 28 inches previously, your thread should be at least 30 inches, so you have some buffer to work with.

Then pull the fabric slowly so it scrunches until you get the waist down to your waist measurement. See picture!

Iron on the interfacing to the fabric you have already measured and cut in Step 2, to form the waist band.

Stitch the right side of the waist band to the right side of the skirt.

Fold the waist band fabric to cover the back and stitch it to the skirt. I sometimes machine stitch the waistband to the skirt, but I hand-stitch this one instead to keep the waistband clean (no stitching detail).

Step 5: The Finishings

Machine stitch the bottom seams - straight line all the way around.

The hand stitch the fasteners. See picture!

No pockets for this skirt to keep it simple and stress free. Hmm maybe I should do a scallop version next? ;)

Step 6: Time to Wear It!! :)

I have made this skirt in many different types of fabric - from soft and flowy, to stiff and structured. You can also add lining or tulle underneath if you want to add more volume :).

I've worn it to picnics, parties and to the office ^_^ so it's quite a versatile one.

I hope you have fun trying! xox

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