Vomit Dip! (AKA River Dip)

Introduction: Vomit Dip! (AKA River Dip)

Looking to get grossed out? Look no further! With this gross recipe for Halloween, your guests won't know whether to laugh or retch-- or chow down.

In spite of the fact that this looks like vomit it actually tastes very good, and only takes 5 minutes to make.

Step 1:


8 ounce package Cream cheese

1 cup chunky salsa


Place softened cream cheese (not super soft!) in a mixing bowl, pour in salsa of choice, mix ingredients until blended, return to the frig to set up.

Place skull or carved pumpkin on plate add cold dip and chips or fresh veggies to surround, Serve.



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    3 Discussions

    I never thought I would say vomit would look delicious, so funny

    Disgustingly delicious! Lol, awesome!

    Ha! I love this