Voodoo Doll Creation


Introduction: Voodoo Doll Creation

A fun and therapeutic way of expressing your distaste for someone both artistically and in such a way that you may not directly bring harm upon them with your own hands.

Step 1: Before We Begin, Remember That Everything We Choose to Do Has Consequences. Only Consider Making a Voodoo Doll If You Are Truly Seeking Justice. There Is Always a Chance That the Bad Karma You Inflict Upon Someone Could Come Back Full Circle.

Step 2:

Here are the supplies you will need: a) a bag of cotton balls b) a plane piece of cotton fabric. 18" x 45” Plain is better because you can decorate it yourself later. c) a yard of plain yarn d) a strand of hair from your victim e) a needle for old fashioned torture f) a stapler. g) you may choose to get a black magic marker and other cloth for clothing if you choose for eyes and such. The importance is the hair and the anger you put inside the doll. There is nothing required other than the basic cloth for it to work although you may find it more fun and exciting to make the doll look similarly to your enemy.

Step 3:

Lets begin with the steps. a) fold your cloth in half twice from the long direction.b) Draw and outline a very basic human figure. That is...two arms and two legs and a nice circular head. Remember that the drawing should be somewhat larger than the doll will actually be. Try and draw it so that the legs are spread some and that there is room near the crotch. c) Cut out the figure carefully. d) Once it is cut out you are going to want to staple all of the edges except the crotch region. e) Now you should now have an almost enclosed figure. Take the strand of hair from your victim and place it with in a clump of cotton balls. Start stuffing the doll from the crotch up to the head. Make sure you fill in the arms and legs gently without removing the staples. Try and place a denser amount of cotton in the head. Take a piece of rope and tie it across the neck of the doll and once you are done stuffing it, staple it shut. The ropes significance is to bulk out the head a little and also inflict more torture.

Step 4: Now for the Fun Part. Draw on Some Eyes and Hair. the Rest Is Up to You. Take Some Pins and Stab the Heck Out of It. You Can Even Take the Excess Rope and Make a Noose So That It Can Be Hung From the Closet Over Night.



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    Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. Having been raised with voudon and Louisiana hoodoo I can tell that you've gotten your ideas from a bad horror movie. If you REALLY want to know how to make, and properly use, a voodoo doll, check my profile -- I'll make an instructable that lays it out for you.

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    Hello. Can u send me the instructable? I no longer see it available for the voodoo dolls. Thanks

    hello!i would like to learn how to make voodoo dolls!not for use them but because are so cool!if u know how to make pls make an instructable!sorry for bad english!i m greek!bb!

    Don´t forget Monkey Island said we must have something from the head, something from the thread, something from the body and something from the dead... so you can make a fully functional voodoo doll!

    how do you tie the rope across? and not around right?

    How does this work if I make a voodoo doll of myself. I want help growing bigger. Can making a voodoo doll and overstuffing it help me out?

    so i was in san francisco and at some of the shops, the had differant voodoo dolls for differant things. some were 5 bucks and others were three bucks. and way, i got a few, and was thinking, hey, i could make these and sell them. now i go to a private school so i cant call them voodoo dolls, just like people. i will soon make an instructable on how to make one.

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    where were these stores, do you remember? i saw that guy at the pride parade last year and wanted to find those dolls again, but they dont have a site or store.

    I really do not like voo doo
    dolls but I make them to NOT
    torture,just to look nice.

    Another way to release anger is through exercising.

    I would say a more therapeutic way to deal with your distaste would be to not dwell on whatever ill feelings you have for these people. Anger tends to eat you up from the inside. Didn't you stay awake all the way through the latest Star Wars film? Hanging voodoo dolls of people you dislike in nooses in your closet overnight cant be healthy. Here's Dr Radio's three step guide to not being a nut 1)Dont hang voodoo dolls in your closet 2)Eat your vegetables 3)Get out more And if you must 'deal' with someone, just do it. Dont dilly dally about in your room making dolls. Here's one of Mr Rental's top revenge pranks Get a bag of hair from your hairdresser/barber. They usually have tons of this stuff at the end of the day (or they're not very good). Get a quart of syrup. Paint the windows of their car with the syrup. Sprinkly on the hair. Make yourself scarce. Oh yeah, some pictures of these dolls would be wicked. Nice one, take care.