Voodoo Priestess and Dancing Skeleton

These photos are from the Voodoo Carnival in Cincinnati. Most people went the steampunk route, but I heard voodoo and ran with it. The makeup was all done by myself; both on me and on my lovely manman. I used Ben Nye makeup for both looks. The dress was a handmade kaftan that was fashioned from a few yards of awesome black batik. The skele-suit was painted by the boyfrannn (even thought he insists he is terrible at crafts, I'd say he did just fine.)
The headpiece as well as all the jewelry was made by me with everything from fake bones to real bones, to a raffia hula skirt and horns from a toy viking hat. The bone through the nose was an awesome gag I picked up from a store, and with a bit of tweaking, I managed to get it to where it fit onto my septum very nicely. This costume got me a second place in the contest, but considering I helped the first place with her costume, I would say I still kinda won! I also sewed the leg fluffies from black shag fur and the wrist cuffs were me as well. All in all, I whipped this one up in about 4 hours all together. The headpiece was the hardest part, I would say

Costuming is my life and up until yesterday it was my job. I was laid off from a costume company, so now I'm trying to do it on my own!



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    3 years ago

    I love the headdress! But how did you do the septum/bone? I'd love to steal that, it's awesome!

    1 reply

    Question 8 months ago on Introduction

    How did you get the bone to stay in your septic


    3 years ago

    I love the headdress! How did you make that?