Voodoo Queen Face Paint

Introduction: Voodoo Queen Face Paint

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Cast a spell on your friends with this voodoo queen face paint that will sure to raise the dead (or alive)!

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Step 1: White Base

I began with a white base, leaving space to fill in with brown.

Step 2: Brown Accents

Next, I used my brown to fill in with tribal accents.

Step 3: Orange

From there, I filled in the empty spaces with orange, then used a burnt orange eye shadow (from the Wet N Wild Art in the Streets palette) to deepen the color.

Step 4: Black Eyes

Then, I filled in the circles around the eyes with black.

Step 5: Black Outlines

Then, I used more black to outline the accents.

Step 6: Details

Finally, I dressed up the look with white and orange dots on a few areas.

Step 7: Voodoo!

Now, you've completed this mystical transformation!

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    3 years ago

    Nice art! You may want to invest in a stronger makeup pallette. Wet n' Wild tends to have issues with splotchy color and smudging. You've done an incredible job getting the most out of that pallette, but it is way easier with hydra color makeup. Wolfe FX makeup has a fantastic pallette on Amazon for around $20. I've probably saved close to fifteen work hours (and had improved results) with that pallette. (Also, Ben Nye makes some wonderful stage blood.) :)