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A creepy and fun halloween look that is super easy!
(Inspiried by ellimacsSFX)
You can watch the video i made here;

or follow these instructions!

What you will need
Masking tape, thick string or yarn, toilet paper, black and brown cream makeup or facepaint, liquid latex and fake blood.

Step 1: You Will Need to Create the Mouth and Neck Pieces

this is easily done by measuring out 4 separate long pieces of masking tape and layering them thick. One pair with be for the mouth and the other pair for the neck.

Step 2: Time to Sew Them Together

Take your needle and thread and sew each pair shut. Don't sew them too tight you will want to leave a gap between so you can see inside.

Step 3: Starting Off

To start off this look you'll want to black out your mouth and your eye that you are covering.

This will make your skin not visible when we apply the prosthetics that we made.

Step 4: Starting on the Neck

we are taking out neck prosthetic and sticking it in place. put a thin layer of latex on your neck and hold the neck prosthetic against it. After that take some tissue and more latex and layer it ontop. Make sure all of your hair is out of the way. You do not want late getting stuck in your hair. Saying that, if you have a lot of hair, wax or shave it off. It will make the removing process much less painful

Step 5: Cover Yourself in Brown Cream Makeup

next take some brown cream makeup and cover basically everything. It’s alright if its messy , so are voodoo dolls.

Step 6: Apply the Mouth Piece

Following the same steps for the neck ,with some latex add on the mouth piece.

Step 7: Time for the Eye

For the eye I make a square out of masking tape and layerd it thick. Then I cut an EX type shape out and slimmer it into a circle to fit my eye. Again, we are sticking this on with latex. Make sure not to stick it on your eyebrow!

Step 8: How to Hide Your Nose

To cover the nose we are taking masking tape and putting it in straight lines over our nose. starting from one cheek apply a line across to reach the other and repeat. Yes, you are able to breathe and see with this on.

Step 9: Finishing Details

Add more brown cream makeup to give the colour of the voodoo doll and set it with powder. You can use black eyeshadow to add depth to some places. I know voodoo dolls don’t have blood but I feel like it makes the look even more creepy, its halloween ! why not ?!

First to make the cut look deep on the neck I’m using blood gel this is thicker than regular blood . after that im going in with some vampires blood to make it run down my neck and face.

Step 10: Last Step

To make the button eye i just took a circle makeup sponge and covered it in black makeup then i stuck it on with a tiny bit of latex. Cover your eyebrow in Vaseline so latex does not stick to it.

And you are finished! Get ready to scare a lot of people with this look!!!

P.S To remove the latex use warm water! I would hop in a shower, it may take some time and may hurt a little bit. There is also latex removers that you can use but soap and warm water always works for me!

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    3 years ago

    Great to see your work inspired by us!! :)


    3 years ago

    This looks awesome, but it doesn't look like something you can take off an on. Like if I wanted to enter a costume contest at work, would I be able to take this off after the contest to work and put it back on later at night to celebrate, or would I have to start all over again?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi Michael thanks for your comment unfortunately for the way I have done it you would not be able to take it off and of it back on unless you redid the whole look all over again. What you could do though is follow the same steps but onto a blank mask instead, that would allow you to take it off and put it back on! X


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes I had thought about that. Last year my gf made the faceless nurse mask (Silent Hill) with a balloon, papier mache, and liquid latex. I am thinking I can do exactly what you did to your face over that as a base. I might have to try that.

    Keep up the awesome work.

    a little work of makeup art great instructions a must make thanks for sharing keep on being creative and may your path be paved with all things inspirational to you big love

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Looks Great! very creepy, Your to cute to cover your face.

    1 reply