Votive Candle Cozies

Introduction: Votive Candle Cozies

I made these votive candle cozies for my family for Christmas this year. The cozies are easy and fun to knit up and a little bit of paint makes the glass jars look great!

  • Glass jars (I used two sizes: one was 4 in. tall and ca. 3 in. wide; the other was 5 in. tall and ca. 3.5 in. wide)
  • Yarn for cozy (Lightweight fingering yarn (3) works well)
  • Accent yarn (can be any weight)
  • Double pointed needles (US size 4, 3.5 mm)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Painter's tape (optional)
  • Votive candles

Step 1: Knit Cozy

Knit the cozy. Here are links to the patterns that I used (free login required, these patterns are my original works):
  1. Big Leaves Candle Cozy (small jar)
  2. Herringbone Candle Cozy (large jar)
  3. Waves Candle Cozy (large jar)
It is important to block (stretch out) the cozies so they will fit over the glass jars.

Step 2: Paint the Jar

Paint the jar. I used clear glitter paints to cover the whole jar. Then, I marked off a stripe using painter's tape and painted a colorful accent stripe on each jar. Once the layers of color dried, I covered them with the same glitter as the rest of the jar. Paint is a great way to get creative with the candle holder, just don't too anything that covers too much of the glass.

Step 3: Put Cozy on Jar

Put the cozy on the jar, being sure to pull it tight and evenly over the jar. Using the tapestry needle, run the accent yarn through the eyelets at the top of the cozy. Tie the accent yarn in a bow (or adorn as desired).

Step 4: Insert Candle

Insert candle and enjoy!

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