Voxel8 Printing at First Build

Introduction: Voxel8 Printing at First Build

First, reference the 5S sheet for basics operational procedures of the Voxel electronic 3D printer at 1B. This will allow you and the next user to work in the area without any inappropriate obstructions or distractions.

Please, before attempting to utilize this unique 3D printer, study the information available on Voxel8's support website such as proper printer setup, maintenance, and design guidelines.


Please note you will need the Voxel8 Solidworks plug-in installed and active on your computer to create traces and export parts/assemblies properly.

Step 1: General Maintenance


This links to another Instructable which directs priority maintenance of the Voxel8 3D printer and what must be completed before printing. Follow these instructions and heed the information taken directly from the the Voxel8 support website.

Step 2: Run an Alignment

Under the Controls setting on the printer's control interface (pic #1), complete an alignment (pic #2). This allows the printer to optimize for environmental conditions and hardware inconsistencies.

A complete alignment should yield the following part on the Voxel8 bed (pic #3) and the associated prompt from the printer's control interface (pic #4).

Step 3: Import to Voxel8 Dashboard

After being invited, you may access the printer's dashboard (pic #5) available at:


Here, one may click and drag in part and/or assembly files as STL. file types. When printing an assembly, click and drag every piece into the dashboard TOGETHER (pic #6).

If completed successfully, your drawing will appear on the Voxel8 dashboard (pic #7). From here, you must identify which parts of the drawing are plastic, conductive ink, or an electronic component. Orient the part in a way which is ideal for design and manufacturing guidelines.

Once completed, click save, which should take a minute or two, then send to printer. Both are located in the bottom right of the dashboard interface once a new part is imported.

Step 4: Print

Before proceeding to print, make sure a new red disposable tip has been applied to the conductive ink extruding head (DO NOT REMOVE EXTRUDER HEAD, only syringe). Check to make sure the blue masking tape is within bounds on the heated bed, has no tears, and is clear of all debris. Either one of these things will lead to odd interfacing issues with the printer and potentially an undesirable issue. This visual guide should be studied prior to using printer:


as well as these design guidelines:


Now, your part should appear on the printer's interface from the home screen (pic #8) in a list form, or the printer will directly prompt the user for print of the newly acquired part (pic #9). Click "Print" once all conditions are met and wait. The printer will automatically pause and prompt the user when components must be put into place. The user may resume the print after a component is placed, as prompted by the printer.

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