Voxellated Terraria - Silver Armor Player (Clay)

Introduction: Voxellated Terraria - Silver Armor Player (Clay)

Difficulty - 6/10, Intermediate

This clay figure was inspired by a picture made by Ricardo73on DeviantArt!!

Here is the link to the image:



Things you need:

- Air-dry clay or some clay that you can paint on and isn't bake-able

- Paint and a paint brush- the colors you need are : black, white, yellow, red, and orange

- Glue or finishing gloss (optional)

- Clay knife, plastic, wood, or metal, doesn't matter.

- Water (to wet the clay if it gets dry, and to rinse the brush)

- A surface to make your figure

- A plenty few hours

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Step 1: Piece...by Piece...

This step is actually spit up into a few steps, by the head to arms to body (legs are included in the body). Every step shows each piece from every angle you need, so you can refer to my photos instead of the DeviantArt image like I had to.

Step 2: Making the Head

To make the head, make a big cube of clay, and cut away. Using your clay knife, 'whittle' the clay into the shape of the head above. Make the head attachments separately, though. Don't attach your attachments yet, you have to paint it and then attach it. But first, attach the attachments and take it off to make the indent of your attachment's side. In the pictures you can see the head from all different angles so you can see how to make it.

Step 3: The Arms and Shoulder Guards

Make the arms and shoulder guards separately. Each is 'whittled' from a chunk of clay, but the arms can be started from rectangles. If you want to have the arms move, add holes with toothpicks at the center or where I put them. As always, don't paint yet.

Step 4: Making the Body With the Legs

The body is the most difficult part, so take your time. If you don't finish in one day that's okay. First make the body with a simple rectangle. Then, add the legs in. The feet are 2 pixels tall, and 8 pixels long. Each leg is 6 pixels wide and 5 pixels tall. The body is 5 pixels tall and also 6 pixels wide., but there is a breast-plate part that is 1 pixel wide. Attach the legs onto the body and use dabs of water to smear and connect the clay smoothly, and fix anything if you have smashed it.

Step 5: Wait for the Clay to Dry..........

For air - dry clay (which is what I recommended) it takes usually 3 - 4 hours of time to dry completely. In this time, just do something else.

Step 6: Painting and Attaching All the Pieces Together.

Refer to all the previous photos and mix together colors and paint grey, white, and have fun. Yipee.

When you have finished painting, attach all the pieces. This should be very self explanatory.

Step 7: Optional: Gloss Finish

If you don't have finishing gloss, you can use glue. Simply just paint the glue or gloss and cover the whole of the figure. This makes it shinier and gives it a highlight if you ever take photos of it or anything.

Step 8: You Are DONE!!!!!

After hours of work, you are done! Yipee.


Ricardo73 on DeviantArt - For image of inspiration

Thanks for making my instructable!!!! :D

I will be continuing to make voxellated Terraria clay figures, if you guys want them!! :)

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