How to Win at VoxiePong, a True 3D Game




About: Michael A. Parker is a 3D printing polyglot. Mike has a passion for creating and educating. He holds a M.S. in Digital Imaging and Design from NYU CADA (Center for Advanced Digital Applications) and is certi...

I was part of the team that made VoxiePong, which was created for the Voxiebox, the world's first 3D gaming system. VoxiePong was Nominated for Best Visuals at the Global Game Jam 2014, NYU Game Center site; the largest Global Game Jam site in North America.

Here are some tips to bump up your score on VoxiePong...

Step 1: Hit It Dead Center

One successful strategy at winning at VoxiePong is to make sure to bounce the ball off the middle square to keep the ball from speeding up.

Step 2: Make an Endless Loop

Get the ball to bounce of the ceiling and 1 wall in such a way that it is in line with the paddle, so you barely have to move the paddle from a stationary position. Once you get the ball to lineup this way you can get it in an almost endless loop. Remember, the paddle shrinks with every bounce (by 15%), so it will get harder to hit the ball squarely.

Step 3: Don't Keep Score, Play for Keeps

DON'T PANIC. If you relax and concentrate on each bounce rather than the overall score then you will do well.

Check with the Volumetric Society on Meetup to find the next play test session for VoxiePong. Enjoy!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I'll have this in mind IF I ever see the game.