WA Freight – Asking for a Price Quote


Introduction: WA Freight – Asking for a Price Quote

About: Building Industry Transport are a family owned WA Freight company specialising in machinery transport, building construction projects, mining transport and over dimensional loads.

WA Freight – The Importance of Asking for a Price Quote

If you’re working within a tight budget, or if you’re connected with a business just starting up, it’s important that you ask for a price quote.

Here’s why:

It allows you to compare prices – Asking for a price quote allows you to see which company offers the best deal, without promising anybody that you’ll use their service.

It allows you to budget your money – Because you will have an idea of how much each company will charge for the freight, you can budget your money instead of keeping more than what you’re supposed to pay the freight company.
For future reference – Especially with businesses who needs to send cargo through freight companies perth, asking for price quotes for different cargo weights allows them a reference the next time they have to send packages.

How to Ask for a Price Quote on WA Freight Companies

In order to ask for a price quote, here are the things you need to know:

Shipping mode – How would you like to ship your cargo? Air, surface (road, rail, sea) or multimodal?
Departure country or district – Most WA freight companies can send cargo to other countries such as the USA, England or Canada. Of course, the total charge of the freight depends on where it’s going to be sent to. If you’re sending within Australia, then it will be cheaper compared to sending to other countries.

Total weight – This is probably the biggest factor that affects the total price of the freight. Since you’re just asking for a quote and not sending the actual package yet, give an approximate of the item you’re going to send. Most WA freight companies will be able to give you a quote based on the item (furniture, appliances, gadgets).

WA Freight – Additional Things to Keep in Mind When Asking for a Quote

How do you want the freight to arrive? – Most people prefer door-to-door delivery since it’s the most convenient way to receive a cargo, but it can be expensive. You can also have the freight arrive through pick-up (the recipient will pick up the cargo on pick up points) which is a more affordable option.

Quantity – If you need to send several packages at one, the company will charge differently for that, so ask how much they’re going to charge per box if you’re going to send them all at the same time.



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