Hi, hope you enyoi this beatifull proyect i made.

Its my first proyect made to sell (yeeeeiiiii $$$$$ )  since im not a profesional camperter.

Actually im a  pschologist.

here its Is.

No measures like always so you figure it out..

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Step 1: All Pieces

This all pieces you need in this case 8, 4 and 3 inches board, all sanded and smooth

Step 2: Cutting the Shape

put the longest boards toghether, then cut it, so they have the exact same shape.

Then sand it

Step 3: Glases Tray O Holder

Ok, this is tricky, i have troubles to explain this, but you are smart, any questios, feel free to ask

Step 4: Botles and Small Glasses Trays

same measures, one of the rail smallest than the other, the big one, is for botles

Step 5: Putting All Toghether

Now you put all toghether, barnish and enyoi.


Step 6: Install Piece

This piece is a little piece of boar that conteins the trick for istalation

Ok, this piece is the first that you mount on the wall (on level offcourse) the on it you moun the rest of the bat, on the top of it there is a cople of perfoation on the same distance than this little piese, so you can attach the top of the bar,

There you go


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    5 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Do you have a photo of all the tools you used, or simply a list of all the tools?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great work, and very useful 'ible, too!
    Exactly what I was going to do.
    Thank you very much!