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OIL washing liquid is a cleaning liquid maker that recycles and reuse waste oil.Owners can make cleaning liquid by pouring the waste oil into Oil bubble and adding water ,natural foaming agent and thickener .It can be used to clean environment as well as wash hands.The peel can also be thrown into machine to be made into essence, replacing the chemical essence and adding natural fragrance to the cleaning liquid using it ownwers can reduce the cost of waste oil recycling liquid.Using it,owners can reduce the cost of waste oil recycling and purchase of cleaning liquid and pass on the environmental thinking of customers

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Step 1: HOW It Works

1. Pour the waste oil into the storage jar and filter it

2.Clean the impurities on the Rose box.

3.Install the storage tank , fill it with water,natural foaming agent,thickner

4.Add peel waste essence

5.Mix and stir to produce cleaning liquid

6.The finished cleaning liquid is stored in the lower container

Step 2: USES

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