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Today I will show you how to watch ASCII Star Wars via the 'Command Prompt' (Windows) or 'Terminal' (Mac, Apple). I have separated the tutorial into two halves: The 'Mac Section' (First) and then the 'Windows Section' (Second).

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Step 1: Mac Method:

This method is quickest, but, will only work with a Macbook, iMac or Other apple computer. Lets Go:

So, obviously, for the first step you will need an Apple Computer, with your latest software (shouldn't really matter though). Log on to your account and go to spotlight.

From here type: "Terminal".

Step 2: Connecting

Now that you have opened terminal, type "telnet". Now click enter.

Secondly, type the letter 'o' (lowercase).. Again click enter.

This is the last step needed for the 'Mac Method', type "" which will lead you to the servers IP address.

Step 3: Windows Method:

This Method is quite a bit more complex, compared to the Mac method, but unless you have already enabled Telnet, this is a necessity.

You see, Windows hides some of its programs to save space, or, to protect noob users from damaging their PC. So, if you've already enabled telnet, you can skip two steps forward, otherwise follow these steps:

Step 4: Enabling Telnet #1

So first up, go to the Windows 'Start' button. Now click Computer.

Step 5: Restoring Telnet:

Now double click 'Install/uninstall programs', from here select 'Telnet Client'. Telnet will now install.

Step 6: Opening Telnet:

Now you can open telnet (from the search bar), type 'o' and then:


Step 7: ENJOY...

Thank You for reading this Intractable, I hope you enjoyed it and will continue to read my other projects, remember to favourite and share.


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2 years ago

how you make ascii animations like star track