THIS IS OUR WATER BOTTLE ROCKET. We have a full soda bottle (not cut up) where we store the water. Attached on four fins made of cardboard to catch some speed when launched. Attached to that, we have the center part of a soda bottle  wear we attached a pvc pipe  that is there to hold up our tennis ball and parachute. On top of the pvc pope is the top of a soda bottle to hold on the tennis ball. Above that is  the bottom of a soda bottle up to the top (with the top cut off)  that was burned into a bullet like form to get some speed. This is the spot where we store  the parachute. The top shoots off when it reaches maximum height, and the parachute comes out slowing soaring towards the ground. We used duct tape to hold all the parts together. 

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Step 1: UNO. the Body (and Fins)

First: It is crucial to create the perfect and most durable fins for your rocket! They have to be able to allow the rocket to soar as high as possible and be quite wind resistant. For our rocket, we cut four separate four inch fins in the shape of a right triangle. We duct taped them and equal distance apart around a 2 liter soda bottle (make sure that the soda bottle top is facing downward before taping on the fins!) This easy step completes the bottom body of the rocket.

Step 2: DOS. the Pvc Pipe!

Next, the pvc pipe must be inserted so that the tennis ball and parachute successfully deploy from the rocket. For this step, you must first cut the top of a 2 liter soda bottle (from the opening of the bottle to about an inch above where the soda bottle wrapper begins.) Remove the cap, and duct tape it to the bottom side of the body of the rocket. At this point, you can insert the pvc pipe through the opening of the top of the bottle that you just taped to the body. The pvc pipe should be about a foot long. Duct tape the pipe through the insert so that it is stable. To finish this step, you must create a bowl on the top of the pvc pipe that will hold the tennis ball in place. To do so, you must once again cut off the top of a 2 liter water bottle, starting from the opening of the bottle, to about 2 inches below. Duct tape the bowl to the top of the pvc pipe, and this step is complete!

Step 3: TRES. the Exploding Cover!

This piece of the rocket has to cover the exposed pvc pipe from the body of the rocket. Once the rocket is launched, the cover has to be loose enough to explode off of it and release the parachute. To create the cover, take the entire bottom of a 2 liter soda bottle, measuring about 5 inches. (you can also add more plastic to the water bottle so the cover can be longer, depending on how much room you need for your pvc pipe and tennis ball) Then, for the bottle to be more aerodynamic, rotate the bottom of the plastic bottle over a burner so that it molds into a spherical shape. After this, the cover for your rocket is complete.

Step 4: QUATRO. the Parachute

Four our parachute, we cute a perfect circle out of a white garbage bag. we added four pieces of string equal distances apart and tied them together at the tennis ball. When the parachute is let lose, it slowly glides back down to the ground taking its time. 

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