Hi, iam cj from india.i am going to tell u guys about how to make a liquid level indicator easily with simple items available near your shop.

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Step 1:

dia 1:this is the cicuit diagram.from this it is easy to fit the circuits in pcb.

Step 2:

dia:2:In this diagram the components for this projects is shown and is named.you need the following components to work this project.

resistors:      no.of.items              
  27k                 1
  10k                  2
  150E               1
ceramic capacitor:

LED red or green -1

Step 3:

dia:3 I have fitted these things in spring breadboard for easy checking whether it works or not. it works.
        so, first check the circuits are fitted in correct order using bread board and finally fit it in a pcb.

Step 4:

dia:4 I have wired all these things. it worked.

Step 5:

dia:5 I have made mine by using a black plastic board since i don't have an pcb.so i used a single wire for joining those circuits.to do it i removed a wire covering from a 9 cm wire.then i took those metalstrings out
and twisted and soldiered in the circuits and i laminated them with cello tape to avoid short circuits.thank you.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    it depends on your location...u can get it in electrical shops or some other shops


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    the source volatage is 9v or less than 9 will work..i have explained briefly already...if u want more just tell me which part should i need to explain..


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I see a nice gauge, but I don't see how the circuit connects to the gauge. How does it sense the level. Does it only sense when the wire's close the circuit?

    1 reply