WATERPROOF Rainbow Origami Vase




I have loved origami since I was a little girl, I enjoy spending my free time folding papers and I really enjoyed creating this Vase, I hope you will like it and spend hours of fun making it as I did.
It is waterproof so you will be able to use real flowers with it.


For making this WATERPROOF Rainbow Origami Vase you will need:

238 (7 x 3,5 cm) RED papers

616 (7 x 3,5 cm) ORANGE papers

546 (7 x 3,5 cm) YELLOW papers

567 (7 x 3,5 cm) GREEN papers

602 (7 x 3,5 cm) BLUE papers

245 (7 x 3,5 cm) INDIGO papers

175 (7 x 3,5 cm) VIOLET papers

Pre-catalyzed polyester resin

Step 1: Creating the Pattern

For creating the pattern I would follow in the Vase, I started drawing on papers what I imagined and then selected the one I liked the most. I studied the pattern on illustrator and then draw how should I join the papers for getting the pattern I wanted (you can find how to join the papers on the attached PDF y repeated the pattern 7 times to the right and ended where I started, creating that way a circle and then the vase.)

Step 2: Folding the Papers

You need now to fold each paper as shown in the picture.
(Take your time and be patient.... It will take a while to fold 2989 papers)

Step 3: FOLD 2989 PAPERS!

Step 4: Assembling the Modules

The module used in this Vase is very common in origami, so learning it and how to assemble them will let you create thousands of figures, you can start following instructions as the one I made here, but then you can also create your own figures.

To assemble them you will put the leg of one into the pocket of another, make sure to keep them alternating so that each new module you put on is resting on two different modules. This modules are like the LEGO of origami.

On the attached pictures you will find the process of making the Vase. If it becomes too difficult to keep the shape you can add some glue to keep the pieces assembled.

Step 5: Resin

Now it is time to cover it with resin so it will be waterproof.

What I did was to mix the resin with its catalyst (as the instructions said) and cover the Vase with it, starting from the inside and to be sure I covered it all, I repeated the process 2 more times. (Remember to do it outside)

Then, let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 6: Proving It

I added water to the top to see if it was working and let it some time like that, it worked perfectly.

Now it is time to add some beautiful flowers.

Step 7: In Context

Colors of the Rainbow Contest

First Prize in the
Colors of the Rainbow Contest



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    27 Discussions


    1 day ago

    Woah esto se ve increíble! (escrito con el traductor de google)
    1 reply

    5 days ago

    I love the stunning cover photo! This project must have taken a lot of time, but it looks amazing in its final form.

    1 reply

    13 days ago

    I can't see how you made the bottom of the vase - I only see the first ring. How did you make the bottom of the vase?

    4 replies
    Lina Mariajeanniel1

    Reply 10 days ago

    Do you mean this
    part? .... I just decreased the number of modules at the end, that’s all. (You
    can see the number of modules I used in each part in the pattern I uploaded in
    the “Step1”, it was closing itself naturally, at someone point I couldn’t add any
    more modules

    Lina MariaLina Maria

    Reply 10 days ago

    And if you mean this
    part.... I made the ring that you can also find in “Step 1” and added it with
    some glue to the vase. For making it look better.

    jeanniel1Lina Maria

    Reply 10 days ago

    Oh, this picture made it easier to understand! Yes, I couldn't tell how the bottom was formed. Thank you.


    24 days ago

    Super colorful and fantastic looking! About how long did this take to make from start to finish?

    1 reply
    Lina MariaJoniS31

    Reply 24 days ago

    Thank you! And it took me about 3 weeks to make it ;)


    26 days ago