WAX Rose





Introduction: WAX Rose

When it comes to hanging on to the beauty of fresh flowers, you have several options. You can dry or press your flowers; both of these methods yield gorgeous results. Another way to preserve your flowers is to wax them. Wax flowers are beautiful and lend themselves to all sorts of crafts, decorations and projects. It is actually an easy process

Step 1: MATERIAL Required:

Plain wax

color wax crayons


Big spoon


Step 2:

heat plain wax in pan..

after it is melted.. add small piece of crayon to give it color

for rose add red color crayon

and for leaves add green color crayon

Step 3:

Pour little wax and make roll of it as shown in video..

if wax become hard, melt it again.

Step 4:

And use it as decorative item.

They are damn good.



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it is very cool. you should try, and use as decorative item

all the best.

and thanks for reading