WD-40 Prank

Basically this prank alters a wd40 can so that when a person tries to spray the can it shoots back at them.

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Step 1: Material

Can of WD-40

1/16" drill bit
Flat head screw driver

Step 2: The Prank

Remove the white spray top of the WD-40 can, and drill a hole in it.
You can drill a hole in several spots on the spray top.
I prefer drilling the top or the rear.
When you drill the rear the can spray back at the person.
When you drill the top spray tends to just soak the persons hand.
They will usually spray it several times till they realize something is wrong.
After Drilling the spray top replace it back on the can, and wait for your target to use.
This will also work with most other types of aerosol cans.

Step 3: FIsnished

Hope you all enjoyed this. It really is a pretty fun and easy prank to play.  Also, the prank can be done from start to finish in about 3 minutes.

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