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WD40, AKA "40" "D" and "WD" is perhaps the most magical liquid on planet Earth. Here are ten uncommon, yet extremely useful uses for WD40.

Step 1: Use #1: Stain Removal

The pesky grass stains on those brand new fancy, overpriced Hollister jeans have nothing on WD40. Just spray a little of this magic fluid on the affected area, let sit for a minute or two, and then simply wash away with water.

Step 2: Use #2: Get Zippers Unstuck

Hate it when your fly gets jammed? Spray some good old 40 down there and get back to zipping.

Step 3: Use #3: Graffiti Removal

Let's say that you walk out the door one morning to find that the local hoodlums have turned into artists and sprayed a big old weiner on the hood of your car. Seeing as you have a job interview precisely 37 minutes from now, you panic and do a quick google search on how to remove graffiti. After filtering out the more costly and time consuming solutions, you stumble across this Instructable. You instantly run to your garage and dig through the pile of tools and misc crap you purchased ten years ago on clearance at your local home improvement store, until you find a can of WD40(The stuff never expires). You hold the magical substance against the sunlight, as if you are Indiana Jones examining the holy grail, and rush to your car. You spray the graffiti and use your tie as a rag to wipe the paint off. All because of your efforts, you make it on time to the interview, missing a tie, but nonetheless at the interview on time.

Step 4: Use #4: Crayon Carnage

Toddlers are mythical beings. Having been one myself at a time, I understand the sudden urge to take that bright purple crayon and draw a "pretty picture" on a shiny object, AKA dad's new $1, 200 computer. But not to worry, Your punishment will be short lived after dad does a short search on the so-called "inter-webs" and discovers that spraying a little WD40 on the crayon will make it wipe right off. As swiffer would say: "That gives cleaning a whole new meaning".

Step 5: Use #5: Carpet Cleaner

Dropping the occasional coffee, beer, soda, or the known carpet killer: red wine on your carpet is no longer a problem. This may sound like a commercial for a cup holder(I assure you its not), but when inevitable strikes, just spray a few short bursts of WD40 on the stain, let sit a for a minute, and then finish that bad boy off with your normal carpet stain remover. The WD40 will loosen the stain right up, and leave Billy May speechless.

Step 6: Use #6: Squirrel Barrier

When the army of Squirrellandia works up an appetite from making all the annoying chattering noises they do, the first place they are going to look for food is your bird feeder. I mean, why wouldn't they? It's an easy target. You might as well hang a sign out front that says: "Squirrels night! Squirrels eat free". You have multiple solutions to this. You could try using an air gun, but then you have these squirrel bodies you have to clean up. Not to mention if you're a bad shot, there'll still be squirrels around. Don't even get me started on landmines. The easy solution is similar too the underwear on the flagpole trick. All you have to do is grease up the pole to the feeder with WD40. Make sure to coat the entire pole. Now you can sit back and rest assured that no squirrels are eating your seed. You now have an excuse to throw a party, and watch the squirels slide off. You could even make a drinking game out of it, one in which when a squirrel slides off, everyone drinks. The opportunities are endless, all thanks to WD40.

Step 7: Use #7: Crap Cleanup

We all know the feeling of stepping in a brown pile of mush, and wincing while lifting your foot, soon to discover that you have indeed, stepped in dog-doo. But not to worry. A little WD40 and an old toothbrush (preferably your younger brother's current one) will take care of business (pun fully intended). Just spray a little magic (Yes I mean WD40) on the doo-doo, and scrub clean with toothbrush.

Step 8: Use #8: Pine Sap

Every woodsman knows that pine sap is very helpful, but it gets in and on everything. If you want to get rid of this sticky-icky, spray some WD40 on the sap and rub it off.

Step 9: Use #9: Piano Key Cleaner

Keep the 88's nice and white. Use a little WD40 sprayed on a rag and wipe the dirt and grease off of the keys. This is great if you have little kids who like to play piano after eating McDonalds french fries.

Step 10: Use #10: Sticky Scraper

Everybody hates it when their razor scraper is difficult to open. Unstick your razor by spraying some 40 in between the slots in the lever.

Step 11: Footnote:

Just as an add-on, WD40 has over 2,000 uses for the magical stuff on their website- http://wd40.com/files/wd40-2000.pdf

I highly recommend checking them out, as you never know when you might need one.


I am not being paid by WD40 to make this. I have no affiliation with the company, nor any of its brands.

All images used in this Instructable, although they are open source, belong to their original owner/creator.

I am not responsible for any damage to humans or property caused by using these tips. Please be safe.



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