Basically this is a prank that you can pull on friends (or family) to really confuse them or just plain make them mad. It gets some funny reactions! Probably the best person to pull this prank on is a Facebook freak. (there is one in every family. trust me.) What this allows you to do is change texts on websites, make different color text and change other things that are really great! Here are some examples.

Step 1: Highlight the Thing You Want to Change.

trust me it helps in the future.

Step 2: Right Click.

Pretty straight forward.

Step 3: Press Inspect Element.

This will be at the bottom of the menu.

Step 4: MENU!!

This is the fun part! you will see some text highlighted on that menu. That is the text that you highlighted outside of the menu! sometimes you will see a java script link which means you can't edit it. Most of the time you will see the text.

Step 5: Double Click.

Double click the text that you want to change. once it is highlighted...

Step 6: Type What Ever You Want To!

Keep in mind this will only work on google chrome and only on one computer. It will be gone when you refresh the page.

Step 7: Calm Down the Prank-ee

show them that it is just a prank and refresh the page.

Step 8: Have Fun!

Do this prank to who ever you want!



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4 years ago on Introduction

Cool! But if you want an even better prank, save the webpage as a file, then edit it with notepad, then open it in chrome and keep it open. but really, this is cool.