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small videoclip for our song

Step 1: WGmusic

this is our song

Step 2: Tools, Material and Files

1. You will need a launchpad ableton or another mark

2. The program that we use is Ableton live

this is the link to get free 30 days: https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/

Step 3: Introduction

Description of the system

For this project we have use Ableton. This professionnal program is to create all kind of music, but espacially electro music. It was quite difficult to be familiar with all the fonctions. The hardest part is to adapt, understand how and where is all the keys.

Description of the project

Our project was a creation of a electro music and a videoclip.

Describe how it is used

Our project wasn't an object or kind of stuff like that. So the utilisation is pretty simple, you leason and enjoy the videoclip. But if you want to use the same program that we use. Go download ableton. On this program you will be able to do a lot but i suggest you to see some tutorial on YouTube to have a good base, just like we do. More you test, more you will understand how it works.

Step 4: Conclusion

The biggest problem we had at the beginning of the project is not knowing at all how to use the software. It was a fresh start on the software, so it took a lot of time just to be able to do basic things with the software. We didn’t had a lot of time to do the project too, because the Ableton file of the song would not open correctly in the demo version that we both installed on our personal computers, so the only time we had to make the song was during the Makerspace class and during lunch time, but it was not very productive during the lunch time an sometimes on of us could not make it because of our other classes. Learning how to use the software and making a song in a short period of time was our biggest and most difficult challenge. We then have to ask to open the classroom in non-working hours in order to finish the song, which we succeed in.

Another problem was the lack of creativity. It was very difficult to create a good melody that would fit in the song. It was very difficult to make all the sounds coherent when mixed together. We had to play a lot with the pad in order to find a good melody, which also took a lot of our time. We finally found a good melody that matched the song using the pad after a good two hours of our three hour class. One of the two thing that can be improved would be the structure of the song. The song we made didn’t had a clear structure. For example, many electronic songs have the first part of the song, then the first drop, then the second part of the song and finally the second drop, but our song didn’t really had this sort of structure. The second thing in the many things that could be improved would be the balance between the low and high notes. We noticed that our song have a lot more base and low notes than high notes, which unbalanced the song. It we want the song to sound more professional, we must improve these two things, or else the song doesn’t sound professional, so for the next time we will be more careful on these two points.

Step 5: Explanation in a One-minute Video

Step 6: Step by Step

1. You need too learn how the program work.

2. listen some tutorials on YouTube, they explain it pretty well.

3. If you want to create a good song, you need to have a little base with music.

4. All depends on what kind of music you wanna do but our style was electro/future house. So you need to choose the appropriate sound!

5. When you understand everything, its time to create! Play with your launchpad, create some good beat and you always need to be synchronized. have the right tempo.



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    2 years ago

    Very fun song you created! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!