Introduction: WHISKEY FONDUE

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Whiskey Fondue

For those of you who aren't ready to start you diet right after New Year's, here's a really simple recipe worth all the calories! A lot of homemade fondue recipes only call for two different types of cheeses. Since I'm a major cheese lover, I decided to use four. If you like spicy food, make sure to add a little chili powder at the end. 


Cheeses: grate 4oz of each cheese

Aged White Cheddar



Monterrey Jack

5 Slices Italian White Bread

2 Garlic Cloves/ halved

1 cup dry white wine

2 tbsp cornstarch

4 tablespoons whiskey

Salt & Pepper to taste

**optional** Chili Powder


Large Saucepan



Cheese Grater

Forks for dipping

Make the Whiskey Fondue:

Prep all of the ingredients before you start. Grate all the cheeses into a bowl. Use a scale and make sure you have a total of a pound of cheese. Once the cheese is measured, pour in the cornstarch and mix it together using your hands. 

Next, using a bread knife, cube the bread. Peel the garlic cloves and cut them in half. In a large saucepan, rub the garlic cloves on the bottom and sides of the pan and then discard the garlic.  Over medium heat, pour the wine into the sauce pan. Bring the wine to a simmer. 

You will be adding the cheese in 4 to 5 small handfuls. Add the first handful of cheese. Whisk constantly until the cheese melts completely. Then add the next handful of cheese. Repeat until all the cheese is completely melted. Slowly add the whisky and stir it until the cheese mixture starts to boil. Once it starts to boil, immediately remove it from the heat. Add salt and pepper to taste. If you like spice, this would be the time to add some chili powder.

Your Fondue is ready!  Serve it with the cubed bread. You can also serve it with veggies. Carrots, broccoli, etc. 

I normally serve the fondue straight from the pot. Make sure you take the precautions not to burn the surface you serve it on. 

Enjoy and Best Wishes for the New Year!!!

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