About: I am troberts8, also known as Tami Roberts. I am an artist and craftsperson. I am an identical twin Gemini. I live with MS. Some of my favorite things to make are TV/Movie replicas, customized shoes/clothes ...

I live in Michigan. One of my favorite trees is the White Birch –I remember going for walks in the woods and peeling bark when I was a kid – that memory inspired this wall art. Your version of this simple painting can be finished and hanging on your wall before the weekend is over!


acrylic paint (background color(s), flat white, shiny white, brown and black)
paint brushes
tracing paper
fast drying glue

For my painting I used an artist’s canvas that is 47” wide by 24” tall.

Abstract Background
Choose your background color(s). I used two pure colors (blue and yellow) and the secondary and tertiary colors created by mixing them together (green, blue-green, and yellow-green). Use a large brush and paint the entire canvas with your background color(s).

Once the paint has dried lightly map your birch forest onto it using a pencil.
Begin by filling your trees in with the regular (flat) white paint. Then (using brown and black paint) add in finer details to the larger trees that are in the foreground.

Accent Shine
Use your shiny white paint to add more depth and texture to your trees. These parts of the your painting will reflect more light than the rest – without overdoing it - choose to paint areas that you want to appear closest to you or areas that would be saturated in sunlight.

A Unique Touch
The memory of peeling bark from the tree when I was a kid inspired me to create this wall art. To recreate the appearance I glued on strips of tracing paper.
To do this: cut strips of tracing paper the width of each tree you will be applying them to in your painting. Cut the length to be about as long as you want the “curling bark” to be. Curl the top edge using scissors (the same way you would curl gift wrapping ribbon) and glue to bottom edge to your canvas.



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    3 years ago

    Boo michigan! Jk! I am from NW Ohio (Findlay) and have been inspired by the birch that surrounds me, now, living in Northern Colorado! Love this painting! Thanks for the extra inspiration!!!


    5 years ago

    That's awesome. And also being from Michigan I can appreciate the beauty of the white birch I pretty much grew up in the woods :)