WIKarts: Repurpose a Cigar Box Into a Necklace Box


Introduction: WIKarts: Repurpose a Cigar Box Into a Necklace Box

About: I'm an artist and jeweler who enjoys making things and sharing ideas.

Turn empty cigar boxes into useful and attractive storage containers for your favorite necklaces!


Tools and Materials

- Cigar Box (large enough for necklace, but not too tall)

- Flexible fabric (heavyweight t-shirt fabric works well)

- Matboard (or other sturdy board) and scrap paper

- 1 inch thick foam

- Glue gun and glue sticks

- Scissors

- Double stick tape or clear packing tape



Cigar boxes can be found on ebay and Etsy - many local cigar shops will also sell empty boxes.

Fabric and foam can be found at local fabric stores and online outlets.

I hope you enjoy this instructable!

Visit my website at http://WIKarts.com for information about my other projects and publications.



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