Introduction: WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER - ERROR:8100030d !True Fix!

ERROR 8100030d

OK guys so I noticed that there are lots of people who seem to be having this same problem logging into the new Windows Live Messenger, This is the method to fix ERROR : 8100030d

If you do your research on the Internet, you will see that Microsoft gives you a method to fix the following error, and kudos to them for their effort. Unfortunately this method is wrong and does not help.

This way is quick effective and I have never ever heard of any side problems, or anything of the sort.
This is the fix for Windows Vista, I am not aware or sure if this works with windows XP; but you could try. Alternately some things would probably be different.

Step 1: Registry Values

RUN >regedit
> Software
> Microsoft
> Windows live contacts
> Database .

Once You Get To This Point Your Almost Done, All Your Going To Have To Do Is Delete 2 Files:

C:\Users\ Your Windows logon name \Contacts\ Your Messenger e-mail address
C:\Users\ Your Windows logon name \Contacts\ Your Messenger e-mail address \ shadow
*[[Basically The 2 Writen With Your e-mail Adress


Alrighty then, you guys should be done the process now! Once all of the steps are complete attempt to log in again and it should work. . If not please let me know.




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    9 Discussions

    I'm using XP SP3 and deleted the registry entries and deleted also all the folders in Windows live contacts folder. There's no shadow copy of the contact DB or I couldn't find it. The problem still exists unfortunately. What can I do?

    OK JOINED JUST 2 POST THIS been having this problem 4 days & this solved it - MASSIVE HUGZ & KISSES ALL ROUND

    hi I was looking for a solution to this problem for days now and i came across your solution. unfortunately i haven't had any positive results. i delete the addy and shadow files and it still says the same thing. I've tried it multiple times and it still hasn't worked. your solution is the best sounding one so far lol so i just wanted to know if you had any other suggestions since you sound like you know what you're talking about thanks!

    hi,.,i have been facing this problem for a week now,and tried allsorts of solutions to solve it but doesnt help. uninstalling and reinstalling was no good either. i tried your still doesnt work.when i reach the database folder,and like said I deleted the 2 files with my username.. AND then i tried signing in msn and didnt work. Next, when signing in failed I saw one extra file in the database folder called 'default ' what do i do with that? I tried to delete this one too in the hope that i would succeed i fixing this error.But i was unable to delete this file!. I tried to right click and select Modify Binary ...and just a simple box opened. And i tried to sign in again but in vain.Please help

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    instructables seems not to be allowing me to enther my rather long response so i will try again at another later time!! hang in there!! quick suggestion keep trying :) longer explanations will come for you

    hihi today i just faced the same problem again. in fact the day after i got it 'repaired'. the problem still exists again. well, your method did work after i tried to delete the contacts in the registry values. then it took me a few times to get to sign in and it got signed out a few seconds later. it continues until a few minutes and finally it can be signed in. Oh this problem is really frustrating. I wonder if the rest of them face this error too..

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    it's probably just unlucky getting logged onto the server, considering your computer needs to recreate the registry values once you have deleted them and then it has to get used to siging in and contacting the server! Give it some time! within the first week i got the error message again, and i did the process over again and after a few days it got it's usual rhythm back!! :D

    i couldnt contain my excitement after i can finally sign in messenger after trying for the past few days.
    today i almost went crazy searching for all the solutions on google and all do not help.
    then i came across your page.
    OMG, i was certain that this would be my last try if it still doesnt work.
    and tada. I GOT IT.
    hehe i am off to enjoy the chats now!

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    You're very welcome. . unfortunatelyy i was like you, searching the internet and i had spent over 2 months devoting time to this trying to figure it out. . but i can not take all the credit, i did have sum help :)