WOODEN GLOVEBOX (A.K.A Busy Kids Station)




I Remember those childhood days when we keep our founded treasures in granpa´s cigar box or even in the Wooden Glovebox. Well I like to keep that good old tradition with my kids. In my Son´s eleventh birthday I decided to give him an old style Gift, so I made a Wooden Glovebox with a series of gadgets that every boy would have.

He really loves that box like a treasure chest that carry everywhere. So results a good Busy kids station to carry in long trips hidden in the car. I put some Family table games and funny stuff for the recreation of my dear family.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

I like to work with reclaimed pallets because its the cheapest way to get good wood. I started with a Board base of 25 x 35 cms and two thinner boards of 8 x 25, 2 boards of 8 x 33. The lack of power tools in my humble workshop its not an excuse for not create great things.

Woodworking hammer.

Old Wood Plane.

Hack Saw.

Wood Glue.

Clear Varnish.


Sand Paper.

C clamps.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood.

Because its reclaimed wood from pallets the surface its rough so I Cut the boards and then start to smooth with the plane, and sand the surface.

Step 3: The Making.

I started Nailing the short boards to the base Tables, then the larger ones are glued it and nailed it.Once is the chest formed Now its time to make the door, and install the hinges and the lock hinges.

Step 4: Final Touches.

first I Snaded the whole Box with thin sand paper, . I Installed the hinges and the lock hinges, In order to costumized my gift I engraved with the dremel stylus Their First Initial of his name , then cleaned it, and finnally Varnished it

Step 5: The Content.

The whole idea was to fill the box wit some gadgets that any young lad would appreciate and could carry anywhere like in the long jorneys when we hit the road. First I started with a Pen Knife, as any maker`s son, then I put some travel sweets, that could share with suffered driver, also I bought some table games like domino, cards, taking in count that he likes so much country music so, I Gift him a little Honner Harp.

Step 6: Final Thoughts.

Once the gift was delivered to his owner the smile in his face was the greatest prize that a son could give, he said that he always has wanted something like that. and every little thing that was inside was a little happiness.It was the perfect excuse to go out and share the Joy with my family. My son and I have the same Birthday cause it was in the same date.Each time that we were on a trip we carry our Wood Box full of gadgets that helps the journey being more funny.So let me know how do you like it ? What else would you carry in this Glove box ? Let me know with a comment.

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    Cigar Boxes are cool. I got 5 but are too small for carry on everything that is needed for three little kids.I lovr the escent that cigars leave there.Thanks for the comment.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I might have to use this for my wedding for our party gifts.