- veneer (0.4mm)
- double-sided tape
- lasercutter VLS6.60
- line thickness: 0,0254mm
- Medium wood (0.4mm).
- Use default settings, except the engraving (black) line.
- Settings for the black line: power: 50% speed: 25%.

1. Download the blueprint (ai) and set the lasercutter (0.4mm).
2. Make sure you print the same keys(ize) as your own key board (the blueprint is made for a MacBook Pro).
3. Pause the laser while cutting to save your finished keys. Otherwise the fan blows the fininihed keys into the laser (the best is to shut down the fan).
4. Reprint the keys that are broken (three didn't make it, when I was cutting).
5. Tape the keys to your keyboard and you're done!

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